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Journeyman III

5700 XT Desktop/mouse stutter for months

I Had this problem since I bought the card, I reported it with every driver update and it's still not solved

The bug:

When moving the mouse the screen stutter. It happens only in desktop use not while gaming.


ryzen 3700x stock

crucial 3000mhz 2x8gb


card: 11293-01-20G (SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 5700 XT 100416P8GL)

Monitor: ED347CKR

steps to reproduce:
-set refresh rate to 100hz on 3440x1440 (ED347CKR monitor) on display port
-be on windows 10 desktop or any desktop application
-move the mouse in circles for few seconds
-a massive single stutter will happen randomly every ~10-30 seconds
-the stutter will be very noticeable on the moues cursor
-If you happen to have a program open (ex. youtube on chrome) the stutter will also be visible on the video

Other VERY IMPORTANT features of the bug:
-It's on every driver I tried since I bought my 5700xt back in November/October
-Only happens at 100Hz but 60Hz doesn't have the problem
-Disabling the graphics card in device manager will prevent the stutter (confirming driver issue)
-It happens on my Acer ED347CKR monitor, but I have no other 100hz monitor to test on
-Happens regardless if FreeSync enabled or disabled
-NEVER happend on my old HD 7970 Ghz edition on the same monitor
-NEVER happens in-game, only in desktop use
-Also happens in linux live usb (ubuntu 20.04), also alleviated by 60hz in linux.

-On HDMI (with freesync on) it happens much less frequently but the stutter last longer/cursor freeze for a bit longer.

similar issue:RX 5700 XT stuttering in Windows 10 desktop 

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