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Journeyman III

5700 xt boost clock speed and fan settings issues

Hey all,

I have recently bought a new Gigabyte rx 5700 xt gaming oc. This is the first time i have an AMD card so i am trying to figure it out how this new adrenaline software working. So far i have faced a few problems and i would like to get some help understanding them.

1, The basic (auto) setup for the max mhz was set to 2030 mhz, with 1,2 mV which sounds totally absurd since the gaming clock speed is 1795 Mhz according to the officials, and the boost is 1905. With the auto settings and fan curve it reached 105 C in junction temperature, so i decided to "undervolt" it with set it to the maximum of 1905 Mhz. 
So I modified to a maximum of 1905 Mhz, and down to 0,995 mV the problem was it never reached the target 1905 in neither situation nor in game, nor under heaven benchmark nor in furmark, or 3d Mark the max it used was 1830 ish.
So i had to set it to 1956 and 1050 mV to actually make it reach the 1905 true Mhz. Is this normal or just a bug? be

Next up the fan settings.

2, So i modified the basic curve too since i am a bit of sensitive to noise levels. I wanted to make it to never pass 2000 rpm. 40% fan speed is 2060 rpm, while 39% fan speed is 1956 rpm. 38% fan speed is 1870. Now this doesn't seems quite right, like how is 1% fan speed is 100 rpm, when the max speed is 4400. The 40% should be 1750~ and 39 should be 1720 ~ like the jump should be 30 ish rpm / % not 100. ???

3, If i set the max fan speed to for example 40% all the way from 10 C to 100 C, which is roughly 2060 rpm, it often just ignores my settings and goes up to 2200 rpm, moreover sometimes it just thinks one and jumps to for example 3300 rpm for 1 second. What is this? Is this a bug or some misunderstanding between the software and the hot spots on the card so it thinks the temperature jumped above 100 Celsius and activates some kind of hidden safety measure or what the heck?

4, If i set the fan speed to max 4400 rpm, and i set it back to for example 10%, it takes roughly 2 minutes to the card slowly reducing the fan speed back to 10%, is this normal?

5, And a software question to the Re-Live function. It captures the monitor where the program is open on. Obviously i am using the monitoring part on the secondary monitor... and i do want to capture desktop too, which is why i think its recording the other screen. Is there a workaround, or is this a bug which will be fixed somehow? 

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