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Journeyman III

5700 Crashing, Green Screen, Black Screen

So today I purchased a 5700 gpu and installed it.

Installed the latest drivers etc it was running lovely on all games.

Then after a few hours during a game of CSGO, both my monitors froze. I could still hear the game running in the background.

After that both monitors went black and displayed no input signal.

I then had to hard restart my PC.

I tried playing again and this time one monitor went black one went green.

Now i cannot play any games without these crashes happening.

I have never had issues like this with my old GPU (GTX 760), only today now I have  issues.

CPU: I7 3770

GPU: RX 5700


MB: AsRock ProZ75

PSU: INTEGRA 650W 80+ bronze

OS: Windows 10 

Monitors: (1) electriQ 35" WQHD 100Hz HDR FreeSync Curved UltraWide

                (2) HANNspree 23.6-Inch Super Slim HS-IPS HDMI Full HD LED Monitor

I've tried using multiple different driver versions, all tempts are low and stable during the crash. I've tried using a multitude of different cables and only using one monitor etc.

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Adept I

Same problem here with my 5600 XT, green/black screen. Any solution?. AMD Im so tired of you.

ray_m‌ There are many people with this issue, please we need an answer.

No solution so far.. Picked this card instead of the GTX 2060 Super and now im regretting it instantly. AMD are yet to respond to me


If you have any news on this matter, please tell me.

Adept II

Ok i personally have experienced this green screen and resolved it.

1. Get Display driver uninstaller from Guru3d

Videocards - Handy Utilities 

2 Restart your machine in safe mode.

 3 Wipe ALL AMD graphics drivers ( do it twice if you like)

4 restart the machine in normal mode.

5 Download AMD driver 19.12.1 from Guru3d

AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 19.12.1 driver download 

6 OK now here is the important part choose "custom install"

The installer will try to get you to download the latest drivers so make sure you select 19.12.1

Now.... in the install screen there will be features checked to install.

Make sure everything is UNCHECKED except the DRIVER ONLY

 restart the machine Also make sure that the graphic drivers are NOT set automatically update.

This "driver only" resolved ALL my studders and crashes.

Now if you feel the need to Overclock try Sapphires Trixx application.

Hope that helps.