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Journeyman III

5600xt keeps crashing no matter what I do

I have an Asus Rog strix 5600xt and a monitor with 144hz and freesync enabled. I have reinstalled my drivers, used older drivers, used every possible thing I could find to stop my card from crashing but it still does. It crashes the most on warzone and any fifa. The only overclocked thing I have is the fans to make sure it doesnt over heat. Most games dont crash often but I cant play warzone for how much it crashes and same thing with fifa.

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Adept II

Goodnight! i had these issues 2 months ago so i went to the motherboard manufacturer's website and there was a new chipset driver from february 2021 so i downloaded and installed it and it ended up crashing. I hope I have helped in some way.



my motherboard is b450 aorus m

video card rx 5600 xt sapphire

Ill try that

Adept II

For me drivers 20.12.1 works. Im in fear of updating cus before that all drivers crashing all the time with hardware error kernel event 141. I have r3600 cpu,saphire pulse rx5600xt,b450 aorus elite mobo,gigabyte 650 wat psu bronze.