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Adept II

4 MONTHS WITHOUT WHQL DRIVERS (poor RX 6900 XT performance)

What is wrong with all drivers? I cant find stable drivers without problems with core clock or stuttering or wierd usage and fps drops i tried every driver from 22.5.1up even PRO drivers and every driver has different problems. I have RX 6900 XT and its pain in the ass. I wish i never sold my 3070Ti because it was without problems and i have even more FPS then. FIX YOUR DRIVERS AMD.

If someone know for sure any older drivers without problems please tell me, but only if you have 6900 XT. TY

and yes i use DDU every time and even reinstall windows.

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I don't have any issues with my RX 6800 XT, but came here to find out what's going on with the WHQL version of Adrenalin.  The last version is 22.5.1 from 5/10/2022.  Has AMD stopped publishing WHQL versions?  What's the normal release cadence?  I'd seen some comments claiming once per quarter.  But, it's a month past even that.

Since it's coming up on 5 months now without a WHQL version (and they've now released an update to their Pro Edition (whatever that means)), I went to the Contact Us button and asked about the lack of WHQL updates.  Here's the entirety of their reply:

"Thank you for the Email.

please to be informed that we do not have much information regarding the future release information. Please wait for the official confirmation from the AMD.

However, I suggest you please self-register the AMD newsletter for more updated information.

Thanks for contacting AMD."


22.5.1 is the last working version for me with my AIB 6900 xt.  But in all fairness it would seem that nvidia is having driver problems with their 3090's. 

Overall I've had better driver support from nvidia and was looking for a rtx card during the drought early last year which is how I ended up with this one.  Now you can score a 3090 for $1k or less as we near the 4xxx release.

Yeah iam really considering to sell or trade this card and go back to Nvidia, but it is shame. I give them last chance and will wait for next WHQL drivers. I hope they will come soon.

I have a 6600 radeon pro, best drivers for me are 21.10.2. no problems with anything or gaming, smooth no issues. 

you are running around with an year old drivers? there were several improvements for 6000 cards with recent drivers including optional ones. 

What works for you , might now work for others. I only use Workstation GPU's for gaming (I do have a RX 570 for backup ) and i do a great deal of testing with drivers for all my GPU's. For the W6600, the newest drivers which you speak of have performance opengl issues using emulators and the overall performance are not as good as the older ones. 

I either use 21.10.2 or Enterprise 21.Q3 which after testing, are the best drivers for my card and for gaming. I'm using 21.q3 right now, COD beta for example runs at max 1080p well over 95-100fps without any problems. That's just one game. Image Quality(IQ) / Colors are also better in the 21.q3 and 21.10.2 compared to the newer drivers. 

Different GPU's , different drivers = different performance than others. 

On a side note: Anyone using a W5700 or W5500 i recommend using Adrenalin 20.9.1 or 20.8.1, they even perform better than the newest drivers and also the Image Quality/Color are much more detail/superior in gaming and more importantly in videos. I mention this and shown proof of this to the Radeon Pro team , but they refuse to investigate  because they don't do testing for gaming or for video playback issues, which is very weird. 

I have a W5500, but plan on picking up a W5700 for my secondary computer. From what i have notice after months and months and months of testing, older drivers are better than newer ones. Eventually the newer drivers catches up, but it usually takes a year or two for it to happen. 

On a last note, i was told a new Enterprise Pro driver is coming out before the end of the month, hopefully next week, but i will do some testing with it.  


do you do any VR gameplay with that by any chance? hard to find people who use those for gaming, especially in VR

5900x • 6900xt • 32gb CL14 3600mhz • 850 W PSU • 420mm Arctic II AIO • Geometric M8 Cowboy •

Don't hold your breath. I asked about the Metrics logging feature a few days ago and how it doesn't seem to work correctly in 22.8.2, a basic feature from at least as far back as 22.5.1

Adept II

I have a 6900xt, running 22.8.2 without issue in the games i play. What games are you experiencing fps drops in? What cpu are you running and what graphics settings are you running the games at (inclusive of resolutions)?

I am thinking you might be playing poorly driver optimised titles (heard some map in warzone does not play nice on AMD regardless of driver, but since i don't play warzone i have not experienced that issue) or you could be hitting a cpu bottleneck (granted the 6900xt relatively could be 29% faster than a 3070ti at 1080p) and this is title dependant. Furthermore, not sure if you have some amd setting setup which may also cause the dips like radeon chill or SAM (which might not be playing nice with a specific title). Yep, what i am saying might not be a clear cut solution, but rather a way to diagnose the issue to justify the next steps you can take.


I have everything like chill, boost or any other feature from drivers off. Even fresync. I have R5 5600X, 32 GB 4000MHz Ram, and games are on m.2 ssds. I play on 1440p monitor, i have 2. I even cut off hardware acceleration in everything possible. I play Insurgency Sandstorm, Grid Legends, Aliens Fireteam elite, Ready or Not etc. Iam kinda make it better after clean instalation of Win 10, on 22.5.1 drivers but i must have gpu undervolted and MHz caped between 2300-2400. But time to time fps drop and game stutter. Temps are fine, max 80 ambient and 94 hotspot.

And i tried it with and without SAM enabled and no difference, BIOS is updated, chipset drivers instaled.

Try to install latest whql 22.5.1 without control panel, just driver, I can't check it because returned rx 6600 for same reason (stutters and FPS drops).

Adept II

I have to agree. AMD really needs to get their act together regarding their drivers, fix the bugs first, add features later, they seem to be doing the opposite of this.
I'm a VR enthusiast and I have a XFX branded 6900xt (reference model) that I use with a Oculus Quest-2, I had to roll back to Oct 2021 drivers for my Quest-2 to behave properly. My other computer (for Sim Racing) uses a 3080ti with the Reverb G2 VR headset (very demanding) and I have zero problems with it.
I love the hardware part of the 6900xt, but the drivers blow dead goats at midnight, I tried AMD GPUs, just because of the drivers, next one will be nVidia. Sorry AMD, I love your stuff but you need to get your act together to make your stuff run properly with decent drivers.

Adept II

OK, so i instaled 22.9.1 and stuttering and wierd behave of card are gone, BUT games now crashes with black screen!! NICE JOB AMD. This is really anoying.


I also installed 22.9.1 and at first the random blinking on my second monitor appeared to stop but alas today its back to blinking as usual.  This driver is still broken with world of warships torpedo aiming overlay.

On a side note I've seen the pricing for the Nvidia 4xxx cards and they are on crack.

AMD just released yet another non-WHQL version today (Adrenalin 22.9.2 Optional 9/27/2022).  The Release Notes say:

Support for:
AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series Processors

But, STILL no WHQL version.

I"m running them and they are broken for me just like everything post 22.5.1.


With 22.9.1 driver I did have only 1 crash and with MW2 beta.  But I was happy with 22.8.2 driver.

Adept I

I made a post about a week ago about the same topic, ppl tried to come with sevral solution that ive alreade tried. Nothing works when it comes to sudden frames drops in games, and the whole saga about online videos like youtube/netflix/FB, etc, is starting to annoy the living hell out of me. If you are unlucky enough that you have a add running on your browser that in some cases are rolling ads, the browser itself starts spassing out and becomes unusable.

I roll back to 22.5.1 again and now the card seems to be more stable and everything works, BUT i cant change anything in Wattman or its happening again. Ill wait for next WHQL drivers if this dont help iam back in team green.


I´ve been stuck to 22.1.2 since the performance in Counter Strike GO stutters in my RX 580 4GB


yeah ive tried to rollback on earlyer drivers, but its weird i have tried to use both DDU and the AMD driver removal tool, and everything seems fine until you connect to the internet. its like there is somethings still in the system that is downloaded by either AMD or windows. My stuttering problems on browser and HW lag on games is realy weird, ive tried every solution under sun with no fix at all. I have done like nechana and installed the 22.5.1 because that one is the least buggy one.

Adept II

I think they've given up on their drivers being stable

Adept II

Ok, today I finally solved my problems. I'm back in the green camp (3080 SuprimX). Have a good time here and I wish you strong nerves.IMG20221011154240.jpg


I'm on driver 21.10.2 after that VR has been such garbage. Even on this, the AMD cards are behind nvidia for wireless pcvr.

I wish i could have gotten a 3080ti, now I have to take a loss on a card i had for 6months...

Adept II

Iam maybe crazy but i keep that RX6900XT and will wait for good drivers. But for now 3080 is sufficient. Let me know if situation with drivers will be better. I STILL HOPING!!!