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Journeyman III

3D modeling software Modo 901freezing, crashes and or not responding

I have some questions for someone if they might be on this board about 3D modeling software settings in an windows environment, and or software drivers for use with especially Modo 901 modeling suite. Every single time and use the software it freezes i get the dreaded (Not Responding) the software worked great with my old PC which was intel based. unfortunately this pc no longer works so I get sold on an AMD based system  I am beginning to think this was a mistake I figured that a company that pushes the gaming aspect of the market would be great for 3D modeling. I am thinking that the overclocking and overdrive might just be a gimmick I am hoping that I am wrong and some one could shed some light on my problem and help. Zbrush runs great but I think Zbrush runs great all across the board it is just Modo and Maya when I had it installed on my machine. I already Know the antivirus solution before it is suggested I have tried every angle I can think of my system specs are not a factor either I have more than a enough for what is suggested by the foundry for their products. Someone please prove me wrong.   

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