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390x Underclocking and causing stutters and low fps

So I have an issue with my 390x often stuttering in games and causing low fps.

My system:


Win10 x64

24GB Ram

Samsung 850 Evo

EVGA 850watt PSU

Some background:

Running latest versions of all drivers etc.

Tried running with no memory resident programs.

Turned power profile to full.

CPU is not overclocked.

Have run it both with and without MSI AB

Have turned ULPS off

Have increased both power limit and voltage in case it was "starving" of power.

Turned power efficiency off.

Turned Chill off.

Tried with Vsync on/off

Have tried using a clock blocking program to lock gpu at full speed, clocks stay locked but fps drops and stutters still exist exactly as if they would.

Nothing is overheating, I have good cooling solutions, great case cooling.

This has been happening for a long time now, through many driver revisions.

I've probably done a lot more than I wrote above, just can't recall in order to write it up now.

I'm at a loss at what more I can do, why on earth would a GPU underclock during a gaming session and allow FPS to drop severely and cause stuttering.

If only it would stay at 100% usage things would be much better.

I've had nothing but issues with the 390x driver-wise since I bought it but where I live and my financial situation will not allow me to get another GPU at the moment.

Looking for any assistance if possible please.  I just need it to stay at being used 100% and not underclock unnecessarily.