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Journeyman III

3900x X570 display loss with DOCP enabled

I can reliably recreate this issue now by stressing the GPU and CPU simultaneously (it's a bit of a brute force method, but it speeds up the inevitable).


Gigabyte 2080 Super Gaming OC

Asus ROG X570-f

32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3600Mhz

1x Gen 3 Nvme SSD (:/C)

1x Gen 4 Nvms SSD (:/D)

1x 7200rpm HDD (:/E)

850w Corsair 80+ Gold CPU

When gaming my monitors will lose signal after roughly 10 mins, I have done a fresh windows install, updated the BIOS for both motherboard and GPU, set bios to defaults, and updated drivers for the chipset, lan, audio (basically all the stuff on the asus website). I have no monitoring tools installed, nor ryzen master.

When i run furmark and prime95 concurrently (with no DOCP) i have no issues for over 30 mins testing.

With DOCP ENABLED, my screens black out after 5 mins.

I have had this issue across 2 different motherboards from 2 separate manufacturers. I have also replaced my RAM, PSU, and GPU via rma return with new models.

Please help I dont know what else to do anymore.

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