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Journeyman III

290X not throttling in Linux with amdgpu driver

Hello, I have a pair of reference 290X. And when running a GPU intensive task, such as Tomb Raider or Folding@Home, the following three problems are observed:
 - the GPU does not thermal throttle, and the fans become overwhelmed, until the card reaches 100C and shuts off.
 - the fans do not ramp up beyond ~40% until the thermal threshold of 95C is reached, then they spin at 100%.
 - Crossfire does not appear to engage in games such as Witcher 3.

This is running under a linux configuration, and when running under windows, none of the above problems are observed. Also, this point seems to be getting confused. The cards have fresh thermal paste, lots of airflow, and the fans are not starved for air. I know that if I were to get a better cooling solution, problem 1 and 2 would not happen, as thermal throttling would not be necessary. As it is though, thermal throttling is necessary and yet it does not happen.

This was my primary machine when the linux kernel 4.19 was the latest kernel, and the above three problems did not happen, crossfire even worked properly in most games. Alas, I tested this configuration under kernel 4.19 this week, and the same problems are observed. When testing under windows, the cards still behave normally (throttling, fan curve, xfire), so there's nothing about the cards themselves that would cause this. That is why I believe this is a Linux driver problem, although I am confused as to why the thermal throttling is dependent on which OS is running.

Let me know if there's any additional information I can provide.

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