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Journeyman III

2700U with Adrenalin 2020 19.2.2 and 19.2.3 make system unusable

I have an HP EliteBook 745 G5 with a 2700U and Windows 10 1909 installed. Running the 19.11.3 driver the system has no problems. If I install 19.2.2 or 19.2.3 the system becomes unusable.

Windows logs in fine, but then the system seems frozen. It's actually just ultra slowed down. In the sense that if I press the windows key, after a few minutes the start menu will show up. Similarly for ctrl-alt-delete. Moving the mouse appears to have no effect.

If I start Windows in secure mode then it works, allowing me to roll-back the driver.

I tried using the "clean install" option, removing the previous drivers with both DDU and the AMD clean-up utility, but they had no effect.

I haven't noticed anyone reporting similar issues. Instead there seem to be people with my same APU who have the new drivers running fine. So it would seem that it's limited to my system.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve or at least troubleshoot this?

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I guess AMD is just fixing the new drivers. You should try the latest driver and report errors (if exist) and wait for a fix. Or you should use the most stable driver for you. In addition, laptop users should usually use the drivers downloaded from the manufacturer's page. Because some laptop manufacturers are adding their own edits to the driver packages.


I did report the issue as well, using the report system, for both driver versions.

The manufacturer's driver is unfortunately very old (released in September, actually from August) and seldom updated, so I usually just get them from AMD.

I am using the latest driver that works for me. I'd just like to get the newer one working as well, since it adds some good new features.


I would try the 19.12.1 drivers if you haven't already...they seem to be the most stable