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2600x crash on MSI gaming pro x470

I have been having a issue with my pc were i will be under heavy load  such as gaming specifically call of duty modern warfare it will crash i will get a black screen and lose all peripherals but while the pc is on still before i turn it off i get the CPU LED de bug light on my pc will be on and i am not sure why or what is happening it  cant be temps here are my specs


2600x OC to 4.05 with the game boost mode on my mobo with cpu block

corsair ram 16gb (2-8gb) 3000 mhz

 Msi gaming pro x 470 motherboard

corsair cx 650 bronze PSU

mushkin 500 m.2 ssd

sandisk 250 ssd

5700xt REF with gpu block

I have a custom loop with all ekwb parts blocks, pump, coolant, and tubes all are ek and my temps while gaming with that over clock never get above 70c usually 60c to 65c i do not think it is hardware related  i personally believe it is software related but when i turn my PC back on there is no crash report of the incident or anything just says a unexpected shut down occurred if anyone has a similar issue or has a way of tracking crashes in a more detailed way all help would be appreciated like i said this has been on going for about 3 months or longer now...

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AMD processors are more sensitive to memory than Intel processors.

I have not seen any need for water cooling the RX 5700 XT cards.


I mean my mother board is rated to go up to 3200 Mhz and the processor run mac 2933 i think so at 3000 just a plus 67 on the ram i dont think that is the reason for my crash also i dont get a Debug led for ram only the processor, 

As for the 5700 xt i got my OG card the day it came out and it had a ton of problems from 112c junction temp to artifacts so i RMA the card and get a new one then the a new card come still 110 plus Celsius temps and 80c on the Die i always wanted a open loop build and haven't done one before so rather then get a 2080 or something super expensive and break it while installing a new GPU block on it i went a cheaper route and now my GPU can go up to 2.1 ghz and is stable and i have seen a huge drop in temps as well so there that...

Still i have no idea why it crashes i am convenienced it is a driver issue for Call of duty modern warfare because i can play apex and monster hunter world for hours on end no crash but when i play COD with in the first hour it will black screen.. 


112C is definitely way too warm, any card that hot i would send it back

my RX 480 with dual fans is hardly above 75C playing halo at 4K, i have the fan speed set faster than default to cope with 4K gaming