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240hz disconnects displayport?

Got a new monitor, and was pretty excited to use it. Unfortunately I have the issue where the monitor disconnects from the displayport for 1-3 seconds making games unplayable. I am running 2 monitors, one 60hz and one 240hz. The flickering does not appear on the desktop, nor does it appear when set to 120hz or below. I changed my displayport cable with a VESA-certified one, just to be safe, and that didn't work, so I'm suspecting something funky is going on.

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Adept I

Hello, I have the same exact issue, I talked to the OP on AMD's discord, my setup is as follows:
Ryzen 1700

r9 290

2x8gb ddr4 3200mhz 16cl

My 240hz monitor Alienware AW2518HF shows a black screen for 1-3 seconds and then returns to normal, haven't happened until either i got my TV (which was early december 2018), it's a 55' 4k TV and the issues started either around drivers 18.12.2, 18.12.3

Journeyman III

I think it might be a heat issue. I've had this problem using my AW2518HF monitor with my refresh rate above 60Hz just either eventually starts blinking in game or when stress test. I noticed that when my computer was at a really cold start, blinking would take longer to occur. I decided to undervolt my GPU and increase the fan speed and that helped me out a lot. It hasn't blinked so far but I only just figured this out yesterday so who knows if it is actually a fix but it has definitely helped me.

I have a dual screen setup with one 60hz and another 240hz

GPU: XFX 580 GTS Black Edition

CPU: R5 1600

Memory: G Skill 3200mhz CL14

Mobo: ASUS B350-F Gaming ROG Strix


I should have updated the thread before. I resolved my issue by undervolting the VRAM and core. It wasn't a heat issue though, since I was below 80c.