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Journeyman III

2400G temperature spikes when iGPU clock controlled with Ryzen Master... even at stock speed

Today seemed to finally be the day I got my memory overclock dialed in right, so I decided to see if I could push the Vega 11 a bit... and weird things happened.

Normal idle is about 35'C, under benchmark load (3DMark Night Raid), it doesn't go above 70'C.  

After enabling manual GFX clock/voltage settings in RyMaster, my CPU drove itself to 90'C, running full-bore at 3899MHz for the last sequence of the benchmark (the CPU test). 
I did not think I made any CPU settings changes.   CPU voltage and frequency are still "Auto" in BIOS.  What's going on here?

Here's what I did: I set up a new profile to take manual control over the APU GFX settings... and nothing else (de-selected all other lines). 

The GFX clock of course starts at 400MHz, and voltage at 1.1; I raised the clock to 1240 (to test), and kept voltage as-is. HWInfo confirmed the current GFX clock increased from 400 to 1240, cool. Ran a 3DMark benchmark... and WHOOSH there go the fans.  Sure thing, the CPU test portion the CPU had spent its time at 100% load, getting up to 91'C.

If I reboot, and *don't* summon RyMaster to fidget with the GFX settings, I can again see it max out at about 70'C.  So I am pretty confident the only change is whatever RyMaster's doing, not some other setting I've forgotten about. 
I don't see *any* core temperature change at idle when I apply the overclock, so I do not think it's just the extra heat adding up.  I do also see the VCORE taking liberties in the RyMaster'd run.

I am running 3333MHz 16/19/19/38/60 for the memory.  Set that up through Ryzen Master initially, then tweaked settings in BIOS.

vSOC = 1.1325

vDDR = 1.33

All other voltages should be set as AUTO.

So here are my questions:

What caused the CPU to suddenly max itself out like that?

Is there some inter-connected behavior behind-the-scenes in Ryzen Master that would force the CPU to do this?  Or maybe just a bug?

Does Ryzen naturally play the CPU and GPU frequencies off each other when one is OCed? 

Do I need to manually set a CPU voltage and frequency even though I want the CPU to behave just as it does out of the box, to keep it from overheating?

CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G

Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming WiFi (ITX)

Memory: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (XMP 3600 CL19)

450W SilverStone PSU

(Posting in "Drivers & Software" as I feel this is more about Ryzen Master than just about the hardware!)

Pictures attached:  HWInfo after a non-"overclocked" (no RyM changes) benchmark, and after one set to stock 1240MHz.  Also, screencap of the RyM profile I applied to get there.

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