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2400g severe artifacts after Windows 10 April update


I have had 2 months of hell with this 2400g. About a week ago I finally got rid of the freezes. Freesync still has to stay off or else the screen intermittently goes black, but at least it was servicable.

Now, Windows downloaded and installed the April Update and after launching fullscreen games such as Fortnight the colours are grossly distorted into crazy psychadelic shades but the geometry is preserved. When I quit, the desktop is like that too and I have to restart.

What I have tried:

uninstall drivers with DDU then:

1. install the February one from the AMD website: no change, so DDU again then

2. tried downloading new driver through the device manager: no change, so DDU again then

3. downloaded the April beta drivers in a zip file from the Microsoft update website and manually force installed them: no change.

What does work is rolling back. However, as the new update is aleady downloaded it automatically starts installing again and I can't stop it.

I have rescheduled the restart to happen in six days, although obviously if it crashes or is accidentally restarted then I will have to rollback again.

And in 10 days the option to rollback will disappear.

Anyone found a solution to this?

We really need updated drivers AMD. I am almost ready to buy an i3 and a 1050Ti.

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Not much info on your computer setup: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .

Have you gone to your Motherboard's Manufacturer Support site and see if they have an Updated BIOS and CHIPSET to download and install?



2400g at stock

Gigabyte AB350 mitx

Gskill flare x  16gb running at 3000mhz

AOC 32” 1080p 144Hz via Displayport

I updated the bios last week. No newer one on the website.

Looking at more images, it also appears that sometimes red and blue are swapped. Also, currently seems to affect only full screen apps.


Same on my 2200g, changing resolution in game works for me as well as changing the colour output in the radeon settings to correct the desktop colours. AMD have to get some updated raven ridge drivers out asap.


The CHIPSET DRIVER is also very important to update since that is the driver that affects your APU.

Gigabytes has a fairly new AMD CHIPSET DRIVER  from 04/26/2018 that might help if not fix the problem you are having. If it is installed, then best contact AMD Support via email for help and see what they say: Email Form


Guys, same problem in my other thread (made image of how "cool" PUBG looks with windows 1803 - look at it ^^)

Every 2200G/2400G user affected please report this to AMD via the email form elstaci provided.

They only care and create new driver for us when enough people report the issue.

Journeyman III

Same here (since W10 april update) with 3D games in full screen, and hardware accelerated videos:

(2400G, MSI Mortar Arctic B350M, 16GB DDR4 Corsair 3200Mhz RAM)




Journeyman III

Additional problems with a new 2400G build and Windows 10 April update:  when the Night Light comes on, the computer either crashes or white colors turn to  lavender, and there are thick lavender borders around windows.  Problems go away when the Night Light is disabled.

It's an new Asrock B350 fatal1ty ITX board with 8G of memory and the latest BIOS on the ASROCK site.  Using the 17.40.3701 Feb 12 drivers.

Community Manager

You can install the new driver available here : Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Q2 2018 Release Notes

Note :  It is essential that you reboot the system after you install these drivers.

Please submit your feedback on any issues with this driver here.

The new drivers seem to fix the Night Light problem we were having, and so far we haven't seen any other issues.