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Journeyman III

24.1.1 AMD driver problem audio scratching and video stutter

I have an RX 590 which has never given me any problems. The day before yesterday I updated the GPU drivers to version 24.1.1 and since I installed the new drivers things have gotten a lot worse. I can't play ANY game for more than 5 minutes, because the PC starts dropping the fps down to 5/6, the audio distorts terribly and the whole computer starts tripping. Every time I have to restart it by turning off the power, because it freezes and never restarts. 

I tried everything, I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled at version 24.1.1. Uninstalled the drivers with AMD Cleanup Utility, reinstalled the previous version 23.11.1, reinstalled the previous version 23.8.2, but nothing. I uninstalled the drivers, uninstalled the GPU from device management, used the DDU program, I uninstalled everything via Safe Mode but nothing. Every time I launch any game for more than 5 minutes, everything starts cutting out, the audio distorts and I'm forced to restart. I'm sure it's an AMD driver problem because I tried to start any game without drivers, using the CPU and it didn't give me any kind of problem. I checked if there were any Windows updates to do, but nothing, I have everything updated. I'm currently using version 23.11.1.

Please I need help, I'm desperate and I don't know what to do. 

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Journeyman III

I had a similar problem with my 5500U laptop but I wasn't sure if it was 24.1.1 or the chipset drivers so I reverted back to 23.3.1 and the chipset drivers. I also uninstalled every AMD and audio related item in device manager before reinstalling the known working drivers, then let Windows update install whatever was still missing.

Whatever caused the issue was causing audio to lag and some animation lag. Much better performance in LatencyMon after reverting everything back.