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Journeyman III

23.3.2 took away my ability to use Wattman on (chinese) Desktop RX 6600M

I was using wattman for undervolting the gpu and running it at way cooler temperatures than stock settings, the update also took away the ability to use a fan curve in MSI Afterburner. Anyway we can get this back please?


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Same card, exact same problem since 23.3.2. Now we're stuck with drivers 23.3.1 if we need to tune these GPUs.

I also reported it via the Bug Report Tool, please do that if you haven't so we can get maximum visibility of this issue to AMD. There's also more forum threads about it.

every driver update or downgrade will reset your tunings lol . Try using an old stable driver and stick on it until u encounter some problems in game. I use 23.3.1 in my RX 5500M. I get 55-70 FPS in RDR 2 with Med and high mix settings. But as soon as i updated my driver to latest version recently, my frames dropped back to min 47 and max 65 in RDR.. In Farcry 5 i used to see Max 84 and low 64. But after updating to recent driver 23.4.1 then 23.4.2 i felt performance drop insanely. For my case 23.3.1 is stable so i am not in a plan to update driver unless its really necessary. AMD n Nvidia both are doing something that is causing to less use of stream processor in my opinion to drop speed of old cards so customer can move to newer ones.


That's not the issue here, you're misunderstanding. I always load my tuning settings back after udating drivers, and I always propery uninstall the old drivers using DDU.

The problem here is that the tuning options for the GPU just DISAPPEARED from the tuning page, you have no ability to modify anything for the GPU. Look at the posted picture, under the GPU tuning that's all that's left. There's no options to modify anything anymore.