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Adept I

23.2.1 BSOD

I had the inaccessible boot device BSOD described in reports and had to use system restore to get back into Windows. A second try was successful. Both times I uninstalled the last driver before trying the new install. Also, it appears that possibly using the Factory reset option may have a part in the problem, as I usually choose this option. Did notice during the install Windows notified of a reboot needed for a PCIE bus device during first install using factory reset. Did not do so during the second go around when I did not choose factory reset. Some have suggested it may be messing with chipset drivers during install which may align with the PCIEbus install message from Windows on first install of driver. I have not seen any evidence of BIOS setting changes reported by some though. Filed a report through the bug tool and hoping someone can ID what is going on. 

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Journeyman III

You are lucky. .... Same situation here. I installed the **bleep** driver and then a Windows update a few minutes later (without rebooting). But when I decided to reboot my PC, I got a BSOD (W11) no post bios message, then no access to bios... once th