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Adept I

22.7.1 problems

After hours(!) of trying out every possible thing, here's a list of problems that did occur.


Got 22.6.1 installed, saw there is 22.7.1 and updated normally. (without Factory Reset)

Install crashed. After a reboot i was not able to start the "AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition"



Then i uninstalled the AMD Software, booted into Safe Mode, used DDU to remove the GPU Driver.

Installed 22.7.1 fresh with "Factory Reset" box checked.

Setup uninstalls and prompts for a reboot, saying "the install will continue after the Reboot".

I let it reboot. It never continues the Install.

Second RED FLAG.


So i start the Install again, this time without the "Factory Reset" box, since it should have already been uinstalled by the previous Attempt, and DDU.

Install works fine this time, no crashes. Reboot the machine.

Try to open "AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition" ..... get a crash.



Reboot the machine again. Now "AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition" works normally.

Start a Game ... no problem, perfect performance etc ....

Start Chivalry 2 and ALT+TAB. PC becomes unresponsive. (1fps and mouse lags horribly, need about 1 minute for CTRL+ALT+DEL and SIGN OFF, to regain control)

Reboot machine, try again, same behaviour.



Try Forza Horizon 5.

As soon as the Intro Video is playing, PC becomes unresponsive just like with ALT+TAB in Chiv2.

1fps. Press ESC to skip the video. Takes 30 seconds, as soon as the Intro Video is gone, everything works normal again.

Ingame Performance normal .....



And now for the nail in the coffin?

Remove 22.7.1, Remove it again with DDU, install 22.6.1.

"AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition" starts without problems the first time.

Start Chiv2 and ALT+TAB -> no problem

Start FH5 -> Intro Video runs normally

Sixth RED FLAG for 22.7.1


I'm running an up2date Win11.

5900x, Asrock X570 Taichi, 32gb Memory, 6900XT.

CPU/GPU not overclocked. Memory 24h Karhu Tested and 100% ok.


This has to be the worst driver released by AMD since Vega times ....


Also, i do not want AMD LINK, i do not want Noise Supression and the other stuff ...

All i want is a GPU Driver, and a Driver Control Panel.

5900x, 6900XT Red Devil
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Adept III

Use AMD_Software_Installer_22.6.1  the new driver is totally broken.


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Journeyman III

it crashed my whole pc, bit me in recovery mode, now im reinstalling windows and pickng a last known recovery point

Adept III

Use AMD_Software_Installer_22.6.1  the new driver is totally broken.


Not applicable

the problem is you used DDU.

you need to go to the AMD website and get the AMD cleanup utility.

try that.

But often times your windows OS has an update or patch or some task pending requiring you to reboot and then you go install the AMD drivers and when reboot the OS prevents the AMD drivers from applying because its doing its 'important OS stuff'

but if you uninstalled your AMD drivers or cleanup utility ran .. and you took too long to install newer drivers.. the OS or windows UPDATES maybe put in their own older ones.. which the newer ones maybe dont get along with and say "you expect me to work with my grandpa we're too different he's from a different generation entirely"

the control panel maybe doesnt update but the device manager driver DOES can cause issues in such ways.

also almost every display now has freesync or VRR or a game mode.

uninstalling the freesync/vrr/gamemode while the display IS STILL CONFIGURED TO GAME MODE.. means you often dont get a signal as its expecting a freesync or VRR one which requires the drivers be installed.




You might also want to check for corrupt system files as they also play a part in how installed software functions.


my problem is the horrible amd driver. it should have installed the first time correctly (as ALL the other drivers the last 4 years did), and it didn't!

i'm working as a sysadmin for 20 years, and even AMD themselves recommend DDU from time to time.

Also, the sheer existance of an AMD Cleanup Utility shows their bad software quality. If they had a proper installer, they would not need a seperate cleanup tool.

Just sharing my feedback, since AMD proudly sputtered how great their driver quality is ........ and then they release this crap!



5900x, 6900XT Red Devil

For gaming on my 6900 xt 22.5.1 was the last one that worked right, however, on W11 22H2 it doesn't function correctly with Time Spy but world of warships displays correctly.  22.6.1 and 22.7.1 seem to do almost everything right for me except world of warships which has display corruption but time spy works right. 

I can't win for losing with these drivers and their quality is far below what I've experienced from nvidia drivers not that they don't have issues but they are quick to respond usually within 24hrs of being notified of an issue by releasing a special driver.  I love AMD as we need competition but I have no intention of buying any additional gpu's from them.  I blame you covid for drying up the rtx selection when I need a card.

Adept II

The two problems i have with with 22.7.1 is that when i turn on 10 bit support HDR stops working in windows, this hs never happened before. also if i shut down my pc at night and when i turn is on in the mooring i get the default wattman has been reset to due to a error message every time. If i just sleep my pc this does not happen. 

These issues are not present in 22.6.1

And just to yes my display supports 10 bit HDR 10+ HDMI 2.1

Journeyman III

Make sure to update chipset drivers if paring with an AMD processor.

I had the same issues with the Adrenaline installer. Ryzen9 3900X / Radeon RX9600XT.

I downloaded the "Autodetect" installer, instead of the Adrenaline one. In the installer menu, I switched from the recommended PRO version to the optional 22.7.1.

It showed that I had chipset drivers to update, and after all installations, everything was fine.

Journeyman III

Yep, I've had problems too.  Rendering games seems okay, but Glitching and lagging when launching games, intro videos, tearing watching streaming services and even when playing youtube videos   (Yes, my 6800 has a problem playing YOUTUBE VIDEOS!)

I've also had problems using Oculus link since 22.5.1 so i've reverted back to 22.4.2 which is the last known "good" for me.    Given the problematic functions rely on MPEG encoding/decoding and AMD cards have dedicated hardware for that, i'm wondering if the problem is with that part of the adrenaline software.  



so there is a connection with 6800 and youtube?      is this been investigated?