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22.6.1 Install/Upgrade errors

If you get an error 1503 when attempting to upgrade or install the latest AMD Radeon drivers, 22.6.1, you'll need to download and install the latest Microsoft C++ redistributable and also download the full Radeon 22.6.1 installation from AMD's website. Once the latest Visual C++ redistributables are installed, restart, run the full 22.6.1 install (NOT the update), and it should work. I had 4 Windows 11 PC's all fail to install the 22.6.1 upgrade with an error 1503. 

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Thanks a lot members.

I was just getting ready to download and install these drivers.  I just got on the forum site prior to doing that task when I see all of these problems associated with Windows 11.  I update windows 11 daily and may have already updated the C++ update, just haven't checked yet.  But I will make sure that I do prior to installation.

Thanks again.



I got *an* error when I upgraded, there was no errorcode though and when I restarted my PC it was on the next version of the driver... not particularly happy with that result, but eh. I'm used to using DDU at this point, so I have it primed and ready if I have any issues

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Experienced the same result...the driver package partially installs, it fails somewhere near the end of the installation. Best best is to remove them using DDU, make sure you download and install the latest VC++ distributables from Microsoft, restart, then reattempt install using the full 22.6.1 driver download for Windows 10/11. 


Mine installed just fine but it still has the same overlay error when using torpedoes in world of warships as 22.5.2 and the May preview had. I sent a bug report to AMD but apparently they don't care so back to 22.5.1 we go.

I play Elite Dangerous (it has its own issues) but both drivers I can't run (5.2 and 6.1.)
I may try again but for now, I'm stuck on v22.5.1.