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Adept III

22.6.1 huge amount of issues with multiple programs and games

So this driver has been kinda bad. I'm running a 6950xt on the latest Win10 build and I'm having multiple issues with software that uses graphical acceleration and encoding.

1. DaVinci Resolve - neither the official 17.4 nor the 18.0 beta versions have a functioning AMD encoder. Program either renders black screen or flatout crashes. Thought it was a DaVinci Resolve issue but no, turns out people don't have that problem on older driver versions.

2. Photoshop 22 is a disaster. Whenever I try to add a typing layer the whole software slows to a crawl. Same with resizing any vector based objects or even pictures. Again, issue occured since updating to this driver.

3. VLC window lags when moving it during playback. Minor issue and definitely not a "deal-breaker" but clearly something fishy going on there.

4. Firefox glitches out when opened on multiple monitors - hard to explain this one but if you have firefox open on multiple monitors the second window flashes images from the first window on the other monitor. It is incredibly annoying.


Issues with games:

1. F1 22


This happens every 20-30 seconds for a frame or two. This is supposed to be the tire reflection and for some reason it glitches out and becomes insanely large and distracting for 1-2 frames. Only way to fix it is to play in overcast weather where those reflections don't occur.

2. Fortnite, ah the dreaded fortnite. It's crap. DX12 only works if post-processing is set to low otherwise the game runs at 40-50 fps at 1080p. DX11 works for the most part but there is stuttering and low GPU utilization (not due to CPU bottlenecking - CPU stays at 20-30%).

3. Dota 2 - when running the game in Vulkan the GPU forces my monitor to 60hz even though it's 240hz. Very weird bug again occured after this driver update. Game runs fine in DX11 mode.

So yeah, pretty much half the games I play and ALL the important software I use have issues. The DaVinci Resolve issue is annoying because I have to render videos using my CPU which is much slower and less efficient and Photoshop being pretty much unusable is a huge issue. If anyone on the driver team is reading this I hope you find out what's gone wrong.

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Adept I



RX 6600 XT

Ryzen 5 5600

Gigabyte B450m ds3h v1

16GB DDR4 3000Mhz CL16


Fan curve acts like it's reacting to junction temp. (Fixed by installing and editing the curve in MSI Afterburner).

GPU usage stays 50-70% on games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey.