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Journeyman III

22.5.2 screen flickering

Idk why but after upgrading to the 22.5.2 version my main screen flickers insanely much (only when viewing videos & pictures, games work fine). When I reset it to 22.5.1 it works just fine. Any ideas what I can do? For some weird reason it only happens on my main monitor, my secondary monitor doesn't have the problem. It is definitely because of the new driver tho, since it works just fine when I reset it to any other version.
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**Crystal ball.. tell me what GPU the person uses** shakes furiously


Known Issues

  • Display may flicker black during video playback plus gameplay on some AMD Graphics Products such as the Radeon™ RX 6700 XT.

Yep. When I have two twitch videos or two youtube videos playing on two monitors, there's a single frame that gets duplicated onto the other monitor every few frames.

Adept III

Me and many others have been having this since 22.2.2. Let me guess, your secondary monitor is lower refresh rate than the main one? What seems to fix the issue temporarily for some people is switching to a lower refreshrate on main monitor and then switching back to the proper one. But even if it works the flickering comes back if your monitor falls asleep or you shut down/restart your PC.

At least now the issue appears in release notes as "known" so hopefully it gets a proper fix. I've been sitting on 22.2.1 for months now because of this *sad lol*


I reverted to 22.5.1 and the issue went away.

Yes, I've seen this issue with my monitors that are at different refresh rates. The flickering monitor is at 240 Hz and the other is lower, like 120 I think. I can't be bothered with the workaround you suggested -- It's working at 22.5.1, thankfully.

I'm extremely unhappy with the flickering issue. It's impossible to use the computer this way. Unacceptable! I will definitely be watching for that line in the release notes to go away before *ever* updating again.

The release notes should say: "Flickering on 6900 XT" as well. It doesn't mention that I'm having this issue on that card.


a lot of things are flickering i found out on 22.8.1 whatsapp video call has some flickering issues made worse by dragging the camera inside the camera window not like screen flickering but the actual video feed from the webcam in a whatsapp video call, whatever drastic changes they made that cause all these issues probably deserved a experimental beta driver rather then being forced onto us in a optional driver that is required for specific new games that come out like spider man remastered i cant even use this driver because its unstable.