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Adept I

22.4.1 broken 4k recording on rx 480 on Call Of Duty WWII : Crash

22.4.1 & 22.3.2 has broken 4k recording on Call Of Duty WWII on RX 480 graphics card.  Only 21.11.3 has functioning 4k recording with AMD Adrenalin Software Recording.  I succeeded by using dxtory with TestAMFVFW which uses AMD VCE to record but I get 50% fps loss at 4k so maybe it's the capabilities of the Polaris GPU that cannot succeed at capturing the full framerate I get upwards of 93 fps to average 40fps.  It records at low 30 fps at 4k on 21.11.3 or dxtory on any driver I believe.  It's hit or miss, a lot of times the game crashes with a driver crash as well & it does that on the 22.4.1 & 22.3.2.



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