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Adept I

22.11.2 gcu drivers not working in Second Life

Hi, I find version 22.11.2 GPU series 6xxx useless for a second life, firestorm viewer, LL viewer, or any similar software. And that's a big problem when you are a part-time content creator there... I was using rx6600xt together with r5 5600x, and constantly having crash reports, and black screen Radeon wattman errors with bug reports since I did update on that driver version. At first, I was thinking it was my GPU, aldo it is just 9 months old. So I bought a new rx6750rx today. Same problems just less often. Why for crying out loud we don't have GPU drivers support and new drivers for GPU products that we can buy in all stores, in all countries for 3 months now!?!?! I was forced to roll back to 22.11.1 GPU drivers version, I'm in Second Life as I write this here for 2 hours and I don't have any issues so far and I hope it will stay that way while I'm using older, not WHQL version of GPU drivers. AMD you really need to step up for your loyal customers and users. Is anyone else here that is having similar or the same issues, please?

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Journeyman III

Could not believe I found this post. Your not alone.

Currently going crazy with the same problem two different systems one with RX6600 and RX6700XT at two different locations with Firestorm viewer and Win11

Installed the official SL viewer for the first time in a very long time and it crashed almost instantly.

Both freeze then black screen then crash though the Firestorm crash was occurring at random times.

Will try 22.11.1 though I think Firestorm website troubleshooting is indicating 22.11.1 may be buggy too.

GPU settings are all at default (Zero RPM fans ?) and GPU Temps on average are running around 45C when using Firestorm.

Thank you for answering!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone! Yes, GPU settings must stay on default, the fans will start to spin on core/hot spot temp above 50 on 6750xt, and on 6600xt it will start to spin on edge temp 55. It's not a solution with 22.11.1 but it's kind less of two evils. Not that it does not give me radeon wattman black screen, it does, but it does less often than with the current 22.11.2 drivers

Journeyman III

I also have problems with the 22.11.2 GPU drivers.  I have the RX 6750 XT GPU and I crash constantly when I play Second Life, any viewer.  This needs to be fixed asap.  I switched from NVIDIA for the same irritating reasons and now I'm facing the same nightmare...


You guys do realize win 11 is a beta operating system?

I have never understood why people jump on the new versions of windows when they first release.

I am on win 10 pro...

Adept I

Hello I had  the same  problem here : second life was randomly crashing or causing a black screen.

I fixed it, by installing  the "22.10.2" drivers , since that I never had  any crash anymore on sl , even when i'm working on a 3D soft  in the same time.

On new 23.2.1 is better now, I do have like one crash on 8 to 10 hours of use. But I  might try what you are saying too, thank you!

I've tried the new driver 23.2.1, and it seem to work perfectly for me, not a single crash until now.


give them some time sadly. they are much better, but they still do wattman error


Ok got a freeze with this driver, I was helping a friend  on a second viewer and when i swapped back on my own avi  the window was totally frozen event got windows message: "This application is not responding" had to "end the process."

I can reproduce it  easily on the 23.2.1 drivers by opening 2 viewer and swapping from one to the other.

I've tried the same on the old driver I was using (22.10.2) after leaving both viewer open swapping between them or letting them open idle for a few hours during the last 3 days didn't had this issue at all.

Except that in my side it seem stable with a single viewer don't  see driver crash but it's just firestorm who stop respond when using 2 viewer in same time.

  I'll reinstall the 23.2.1 drivers and see if anything else happen.

Edit: They released 23.2.2 drivers too think i'll try to see if it work like the 23.2.1 or if they fixed the issues.

23.2.2 are much more stable for me, in the last 48 hrs with VSync on no issues so far or shall I say no wattman error

Journeyman III

I have had the black screen occur with 22.11.1 but since I reinstalled 22.11.1 so far so good but if it happens again the next step as pointed out in the newest post from Kenz is to try the win 10 drivers.

Journeyman III

Same happens to me.
It's not a crash perse, it is a disconnect because the Viewer stalls in processing a certain taks.
When you wait long enough, it will just disconnect for me.
It seems it has to do with some textures loadin in?
I've seen it happen more often when i changed BoM textures. Nearly every time i changed a Texture, it kept freezing for several seconds before it came back.
But when you are at a club loctation with many people it can stall working till you get disconnected because your viewer doesn't respond to SLs servers anymore in the AWS cloud system.

I will test the other drivers now because it is extremely annoying. You can't visit larger places anymore without getting disconnected due to viewer stalling it's processing.


It's better now with 23.2.2. But I keep gpu settings on default and not using MSI afterburner or any other program, plus I have VSync on in firestorm settings to have constant 144 fps for my monitor, otherwise, my fps will go over 400+. Try it, I hope it will help out