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Journeyman III

22.11.2 drivers are garbage, revert to 22.5.1

Sorry, but these drivers are every bit as bad as everything that's come since 22.5.1

On any driver set except 22.5.1 I have experienced screen flashing, freezing, driver timeouts, hangs and crashing.  22.11.2 is no different.  I have no idea how this abomination has been WQHL certified - they are TRASH.

For anyone else having issues - just use 22.5.1 until they release a stable driver set. 

(For anyone playing Overwatch 2, 22.5.1 works perfectly fine on them, however to get around the menu fuzziness swap Radeon Graphics profiles between Gaming and Standard and back again or whatever you use, and it'll fix it).

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Adept II

I don't have any of these issues.  Have you tried DDU?  MPO disable?  What other things have your tried?  What's your setup?  What games?  Dual monitor?

Journeyman III

Same here, why not use 22.11.1?

God of War - serious drops and freezes even in cutscenes
Escape from Tarkov - constantly working on 40fps with frame freeze every minute or so, maybe more often

Returned to 22.11.1, and everything is back to normal, GOW around 70-80 on max graphics, Tarkov on 60-70, both with almost 100% utilisation.

amd RX 6500 xt

ryzen 5 1600

win 10

when I tried the amd drivers : 22.11.2 , 22.11.1, 22.10.2, 22.5.1

I got such BAD lag that i couldn't play any games, after uninstalling them all, just using the windows default drivers, the game runs nice and smooth, no more lag.

Maybe one day amd will come out with drivers that work.


OK, I think I'm on to something... I've been having horrible problems with frame stuttering in Apex legends (5800X, 32GB of RAM, RX 6800).  I've played the game since launch and practically had a flawless experience.   Until a few months ago.  I started having crazy flashing & flickering with Chrome based apps.  Even after DDU, Windows cleanup, MANY driver reinstalls, nothing really solved it. I even bought a 144hz monitor for my secondary because my old one was 60hz and Primary monitor was 144hz.  

Apex was playable, but still not right.  Fullscreen has horrible tearing with Freesync on, Borderless window worked OK, but still had a few frames every 1-2 seconds that hung and ruined the smooth feel of the gameplay. 

And I finally fixed it last night.  I turned off Instant Replay in Radeon.  Apex is now perfectly smooth.  

Very confused by this... nothing in system has changed, all same hardware for 2 years now.  Not sure where to start troubleshooting, but figured I'd mention this because I think something with the AMD DVR is borked ruining lots of other things. 

Journeyman III

The problem with Airlink still persists. Bandwidth is capped and image looks blurry.

Journeyman III

I have the same issues as the threadstarter. If i use anything newer than 22.5.1 i have the same symptoms.

Crashes, driver hangups, flickering screen.

Happens with one or 2 monitors on a RX5700XT.

Adept II

As many others have said, try disabling MPO first. in my experience fewer issues arise, not to mention that it is simpler, when you just disable mpo and stay on the most recent drivers


Now the fact that AMD's refusing to even knowledge the issue in their driver patchnotes, let alone fix it, that's, that's really not a good show, but what can one do except for not buy a team red gpu next time

Journeyman III

Since 0730gmt 25/01/2023 I had three crashes with 22.11.2, the only way restart the computer was a Hard Reset, that being using the power button.  So now I have reverted back to 22.5.1, but what happened to the drivers inbetween?

Just for info - X570-F, 5900x, 32gb ddr4, Hellhound RX6700XT


The only crashed I experienced on 22.11.2 was just now trying to run the Forspoken Demo on RX 5700 XT, and I figured its probably due to these 22.11.2 drivers being old not having support for the game unlike the new driver that just got released exclusively for the RX 7000 series.

IMO, 22.5.1 from May last year was not a great driver if you wanted to use the AMD VCE encoder in video compositioning tools like VEGAS. Because it was broken in those drivers. 

I have had a rock solid experience with 22.11.2 driver on my 6800 XT, beat Uncharted 4 with no issues.

blackfalconuk is your 6700 XT using two separate 8-pin PSU cables going directly to the PSU box, or is it using a split Y single cable.   I know the latter will cause numerous crashes as those split Y cables never provide the GPU enough power. 

The issue is definitely software, not sure if its Win 11 or the drivers. To put you mind at rest, two separate connector to the GPU, plenty of power EVGA 850 BQ. If it's a conflict I can't find it and yes had the problem since the drivers released, I wouldn't mind but I play ESO, STO, New World and few other nothing that demanding of the GPU, the funny thing is I can run benchmarks on the new drivers and it does not crash.

Info: A+ cert/C&G Tech.


Solved my problem by getting 22.11.1 driver from 3DGuru website 

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.11.1 WHQL driver download (

I have had no problems throughout gaming or through videos or website surfing. I am still using the drivers, no problems so far.

Adept II

The only good thing I can ever get out of 22.11.2 compared to 22.5.1 is HEVC working. Everything else simply doesn't do it.

Whatever game I play there is a chance to crash. VRChat still has video playerback issues as well. The crashes for that have been fixed but now there is constant stuttering and artifacting in video players (Green images and bad decompression).

22.5.1 is the only good driver in a while which is worrisome. Given that's only driver with apparent support for the 6950XT, I wouldn't want to go any lower even if it may work.


22.11.2 seems pretty good for me.  6950xt.

Adept III

22.11.2 good for me

6950XT and RX580X

I did have audio bus install issue but fixed that,


I am using 22.11.2 with 6600xt MSI. All is good with single player gaming AAA. Dota is my only online game also good.

MSI B550 Pro-VDH - MSI 6600XT - Ryzen 5600G
Adept I

Full format and reinstall windows, the only way to be sure if your problems are driver related or something else.

Adept I

  Just to add to this,  a Racing Sim is also suffering issues with drivers newer than 22.5.1.  rFactor 2(dx11) works well with 22.5.1 but using any driver newer causes either CTD as the track(map) completes loading or the video locks up once you start driving.(Sound and gameplay continues, black screen for user)  Some users have stated the 22.11.2 drivers are  less likely to crash but still occasionally do.

6700 XT

Adept I

VRChat video players are still causing massive issues. Only the very basic Udon player seems to play most videos (at low quality). All other video/stream players cause near constant stuttering (looping a brief section of the video) or cause video glitches, heavy artefacts, green or white screens - and even full driver crashes (on drivers with the VRChat crash fix and later!).

6900 XT