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Adept III

21.9.1 No Monitoring Stats for Ryzen 5600x

I just installed 21.9.1 and noticed that there are no more stats for my CPU are displayed (only CPU load).

In the windows eventlog i get the message that RyzenMasterSDK was successfully installed tough each systemstart i can read there "AMDRyzenMasterDriverV19" is missing.

I never used nor installed RyzenMaster, this is a fresh system install with Chipsetdrivers + Graphicdrivers (RX580).

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Community Manager

Have you disabled any start-up tasks using Task Scheduler or used any third party tools that adjust start-up tasks or the registry? Navigate to Task Scheduler and check to see if you have the highlighted task below present and running.


Not at all. The system was installed 3 days ago. With 21.8.2 the issue doesn't happen. I don't use any monitoring tools.
The only things i have installed on this machine is Steam, Libreoffice, Graphics drivers and Chipset drivers. Everything else is untouched.


Thanks for the post.
We are looking into this.
In the meantime, please submit a bug report using the BRT.

I'm on 21.8.2 again. I sent a report from there if it is okay?
Also just in case it is needed here's a screenshot of how it looked using 21.9.1. As you see.. no temperatures or any other infos are shown.



That's fine, thanks.