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21.6.1 problems 5700xt. BSOD's and restarts, BSOD on full install but fine on minimal install

Hey all, I have had nothing but drama seeming since 21.6.1, It all started while playing LAST EPOCH, a few hours in monitors went black then PC rebooted. On reboot AMD drivers had disappeared and GPU disabled. I also noticed If I went full screen with Media played classic on another monitor not my primary it would BSOD also. This is win11 though...

I tried to reinstall multiple times without anything else plugged in also. It would be fine until having more than 2 vid streams open etc, I ended up reinstalling windows as I figured it was just being on win11. I got a BSOD halfway through installing radeon drivers, I hadn't installed LAN drivers yet so did that and RADEON installed. I did only the minimal install though.

I have tried to install older drivers with BSOD's, I get BSOD'S basically on trying to install "FULL INSTALL" but I was able to install 21.5.2 minimal.

DX diag shows no problems, no overheating that I can report, everything seems fine EXCEPT this 5700xt or rather drivers...


Running 5600x, 5700xt, 16gig 3200, 850cpu. No secure boot, no virtue, even took off mem xmp to no avail....


ANYONE ELSE having similar to this?

Sorry if this message is off, I am just more than frustrated atm haha

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