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21.3.2 Integer Scaling not CENTERING

This has been a long going issue for me and some others on AMD. Integer Scaling does not center the image and instead positions it to the top middle. With Integer Scaling off and Center scaling on the image will still not center and instead go to the top left. Windows Desktop with Integer Scaling actually does center the image so only fullscreen games have this issue.

I have tested in-game methods of Integer Scaling such as 1 from Diablo + Hellfire on GOG and its in-game method centers the image correctly. M Tanalin's Integer Scaler application that can only scale Windowed applications centers the image as well. AMD please get someone to review your Integer Scaling method as it is very inconsistent and needs to be addressed.integer scale settings.png480p Integer not in the center.480p Integer not in the center.720p (No idea why it's flipped, can't fix that.)720p (No idea why it's flipped, can't fix that.)

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Does your monitor have scaling options by itself? See if it's on "Auto" or select to center. GPU scaling should override monitor scaling options, but you never know what glitch might arise. Alternatively, use CRU to create custom resolution with height equal to a multiple of display res (e.g. 720x540 for 4:3 or 960x540 for 16:9).


It does have scaling options and even with GPU scaling disabled the monitor cannot take recontrol of the GPU scaling. I reinstalled the driver with DDU and still the same issue. Does this happen with your monitor if you disable GPU scaling? To test this disable GPU scaling then switch the scaling modes on the AMD software if your screen flashes with a new scaling then GPU scaling is not actually disabled. Thats not good.

I found this old thread with this same problem as well:

I think my next GPU will be Nvidia I am so over AMD's software just being completely trash.