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Journeyman III

21.3.1 Radeon overlay freezing

So after this Driver update i can no longer use the Radeon overlay using Alt+R while my game is running in the background "ark survival evolved" i wanted to bring up the metrics overlay to monitor my gpu temps and fps ect.. doing so the overlay was extremely slow to whatever i clicked on and pretty much unresponsive to the point that my screen went black and my system locked up. never had this problem before, just curios if anyone else has or is experiencing  something similar i think i will roll this driver back to the previous one.

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The Radeon Performance Overlay is working fine for me. 

I have not tried it on Ark Survival Evoled though. 

Perhaps there is a conflict between key bindings in the game and set in Adrenalin 2020 GUI/UI? 
You can increase the sampling rate of the perfomance overlay from 2S to 0.2S in Settings ->  General.

Maybe try Alt+z when the game is running so you get the sidebar to open first, then try the "Fullscreen" expand button at the top of the sidebar?

Or try Alt+z followed by Alt+r?