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Journeyman III

21.3.1-.2 Drivers and Destiny 2

Not sure what happened, but the last 2 drivers have caused serious performance issues in Destiny 2, previous drivers have been pretty bad as well due to some lighting bug that Bungie will work out eventually, but the last two drivers FPS has just plummeted. Im running a Ryzen 9 5900x with a Sapphire Nitro Plus 6900xt, RoG Strix x570 Motherboard, 32gb DDR4-4000/18 RAM, this game should absolutely scream on this system..

It is also the only game Im having issues with. I know pre 6000 cards can roll back to a driver from April 2020 and the game will run fine, however that driver doesnt support the 6000 series (I wouldnt roll back to a driver that old anyways)

Any clue what I can do to smooth things out? I hate running outdated drivers..

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Adept I

Re: 21.3.1-.2 Drivers and Destiny 2

No news at all