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Adept I

20h2 got me while I was sleep Rx 5700xt Help

Windows 2Oh2 just gave me a headache. Install graphics driver over mine. Device Manger says I have a clean install.

I have no UI.

Something in 20h2 wont let me install the driver now with the UI I get an error.

Uninstall and it just reverts back.

with no UI.

They added more system security.

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Adept I

Hi, have you tried uninstalling your GPU drivers with DDU and reinstalling it? If yes maybe you should go back to older drivers :/


Yes, have used DDU this Morning. If I do it I get errors.

The system added some security crap that was not in 19h2.

I went into settings and checked it out new crap in there to give hell.

Uninstalled DDU

Looked in device manager and only crap the driver was still there.

So I went head installed the driver again. reboot

Event error still during install, but I have a UI.

So knowing it would just reinstall that dam thing.

I opened device manager and went to uninstall, now I removed the driver, but left the software. Reboot

20h2 put it back in again with out error. But now I have a the UI that matches.

If I run it like that it does something to screw up the sound tho.

So I can get any driver in there, but my system screws with me if I have keep the UI.

If I could install the UI another way.