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2020 Adrenalins: Metric display query

Like the new UI just fine (19.12.2)! --and what is especially nice about these is that all the functionality you'd expect is there, very much unlike the jump from .net-based Catalysts to the Crimsons in the beginning, in which full driver functionality found in the Catalysts was a long time in coming to the Crimsons, IIRC.  Everything is here in the 2020's except for one particular option I can't find:  the selective on-screen metric display.

I only like to display a few different metrics on screen when playing a game, like FPS, Vram usage, GPU clock, for instance, and while the 2020's provide all of the on-screen metrics positioning, color display, and transparency found in the pre-2020 drivers (19.12.1 and earlier), I cannot find where in the UI I can select which metrics I want displayed out of all those it's possible to display.  What happens is that I get all the possible metrics displayed instead of just the ones I want to see.  Is there a way to access the metrics list and pick and choose your displayed metrics as was possible in the older drivers?

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Adept III

Re: 2020 Adrenalins: Metric display query

If you click on Performance and then Metrics, you will see an 'eye' icon next to the names of the metrics down the left hand side and also on the far right of the charts on the right hand side. Clicking the 'eye' icon turns each metric off or on and the Metric Overlay will only display what is turned on. All metrics are 'on' by default so you will need to turn off the ones you don't want.

This was not obvious to me either until someone else pointed it out to me. Hope this helps.