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Journeyman III

2013 Mac Pro GPU passthrough to Windows 10 VM

Hi, I have a late 2013 Mac Pro with with dual Radeon Firepro D500 cards. I intend to run Windows 10 64 bit VMs with GPU passthrough enabled.  I can get the D500 card to appear in device manager on the VM, but the card will not work on the VM despite trying various drivers. AMD driver website has a specific driver for Windows 10 64 bit running on a Mac Pro 2013, but it doesn't work. I tried installed the Mac Bootcamp software but it doesn't like being installed on a VM either. I know that this isn't an issue with my ESXI setup because I can see the card in my Windows 10 VM - my issue is just finding the proper driver. Any ideas?

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Journeyman III

Ever figure this out? I’m seeking to accomplish the same but with D700s. I can only assume it’s impossible due to the lack of SR-IOV.

Journeyman III

Hello @robhehr, Can you please share the configuration steps to do the d500 passthru in the esxi host?  would help tremendously!

Also, were you ever able to get the GPU working in your windows VM?

I am looking to do the exact thing.