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20.8.2 -> Eyefinity Windows taskbar positioning missing

In eyefinity setup there was nice system to position windows taskbar to which ever display. And with 3 display it's difficult if it's strect to all displays. So there was a trick to launch ccc.exe and restore taskbar positioning every time you start the computer. Okay now even that trick is gone cos that software is no more available. I tried yesterday 20.8.2 drivers and puff the ccc.exe was gone away. Is it impossible to restore yeyfinity tasbar position functionality (and some others also) to drivers?

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What you are looking for is Eyefinity's Advanced Options. This previous thread shows 2 ways to getting that Options to show up: Eyefinity Advanced Setup missing 


Thanks for reply and yes I know that I can use EyefinityPro, but there's not Taskbar positioning to one display. That was possible with older ccc.exe (Catalyst Control Panel) and that was even possible to use with 20.4.2 drivers - but now with new drivers etc 20.8.2 it's not possible to use ccc.exe anymore. So with new drivers Taskbar positioning is not possible anymore and I m very sure that I m not only one who need this feature to be in drivers if there's 3 display in use.

Okay that changes everything then.

I suggest you open an Online AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and ask them if that feature has be removed or changed to somewhere else in Eyefinity program from here: in the latest AMD Drivers.


Thanks I did service request and Initial answer was "I suggest you use the 19.12.1 drivers and check the outcome." - So the right answer to this kind of questions is "Use old drivers". Not very fun.

Cross your fingers that maybe some other User has found another work around to get Advance Options to reappear again in Eyefinity.

AMD probably suggested that old previous driver as the last driver to actually show Advance Options before the 2020 drivers appeared made it invisible.


Hello! YES, I need the taskbar in the midlle too. I'ts a shame for AMD software... So Downgrade?  THKS for the 20.4 drivers information


à chaque fois c'est la même merde! :(

tu mets à jour le drivers (je sais même plus pourquoi je fais ça!!!) et la ttask barre n'est plus au centre, et c'est génial pask les DEV je sais pas à quoi ils pensent , ils enlèvent des fonctionnalités!! tu peux même plus faire une config Eyefinity avancée y a plus que de la config auto... et y a  même plus le ccc.exe pask y ont tout refondu !

c'est vraiment n'importe quoi AMD! vivement que je change de PC et que j'achète une GPU chez le concurent!

:( :( :(