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20.3.1 HBCC brings back black screen bugs Vega56

The black screen bug still hasn't been completely fixed. Vega 56 works fine with HBCC disabled, but enabled brings back the "black" screen bug resuming from sleep mode. This is more of a 0 brightness bug, as the brightness is disabled until you reset the graphics adapter via win-ctrl-shft-b. Kinda like the card is stuck in low power mode, zero state or whatever AMD calls it.

HBCC is also still slightly unstable, as turning it on can occasionally cause full system lock ups, usually after an extended period of time, while disabled is stable. This is on Ryzen 3700X, 32GB, crosshair vi.

Speaking of Ryzen, Asus's latest bios patch B completely locks up the system, and only the patch ABBA bios works. Ram compatibility is still bad with anything above 3400, dual bank, and 32GB+.

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