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20.2.1 + 240hz freesync

Lots of stuttering tried different drivers but issue still exist. Saphire nitro+ 5700 XT

Stuttering on 1080p 240hz at games even test ufo website that shows you your framerate and hz cannot become stable if i move my mouse a little bit it says stuttering detected.. this doesnt happen with my old 980 ti though just tested same system all i did was ddu swap cards install drivers for 980 ti everything is great working, but problem is i have 240hz freesync monitor and 980ti doesnt support freesync therefore my games not smooth if i dont lock framerate very low where it would be stable at all times. That is the reason i bought 5700 XT i figured it will give me higher fps than the 980 ti + its an amd card so it will support freesync for my monitor, so far so good.

I get the card on february 3 i install the drivers i go in game and i experience stuttering and such even with freesync on i went into my monitors OSD and made sure i set the HZ of my monitor to appear show on left top of my screen, so im sure freesync is working because my HZ is adjusting with my fps in game so its working but why is it stuttering since freesync is working i dont understand whats the problem here?

I tried hdmi capable of 240hz at 1080p and display port cable capable as well for that resulution and hz.

Enchanced sync off everything off still stuttering so it has nothing to do with the settings on radeon control panel.

Ive tried with freesync off as well thought what do i have to lose just test it and see what happens, but without any luck it was even worse than before so i enabled it back what to do guys??

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Re: 20.2.1 + 240hz freesync

Are we getting any updates soon?