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20.11.1 Auto Voltage Drop to 1.1mV results in black screen with the Driver panel crashing out

Hello and hope everyone is good.

Using the 20.11.1 Driver with HBM, on certain 3D applications, ie ARMA, the voltage will drop down to around 1.1mV which for me, causes a black screen, then the Driver panel crashes out, with an Event Viewer log stating Qt5Qml.dll with Event ID 117 which in my experience with OC, typically means lack of voltage.

I have tried to force voltage through Afterburner and other programs, regedits, no luck I'm afraid.

Good to note is the 20.11.1 driver is pretty solid with FPS, no lag or stuttering in ARMA which is great, just seems this voltage downclocking is the issue here.

May I ask will this RAGE MODE be implemented for HBM? We need more volts!

Please help.



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Rage mode is just a marketing gimmick for the most part it is just a one click solution for raising the power limit. You can already do that manually. So if custom voltage settings and raising the power limit to the max isn't enough then adding rage mode will not change anything. About all you can do at this point to get more volts is a custom bios or hardware modifications. 

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Thanks for the reply.


I honestly thought this RageMode was a further voltage overhead setting. I also believed this was the new 'Power Efficiency' setting which AMD removed.

Well this is aload of bollox, I have a new edited BIOS with all custom p states but with 1.375mV, bloody hell I feel like the GPU is going to explode.

Seems stable for now, Ill report back.

AMD test the driver bloody hell, pathetic work once again as usual.

Stop downclocking HBM especially because your drivers are unstable and you don't test S***

This performance per watt stat is a total scam isn't it, because you downclock the GPU and try and fog that with the power savings, Bs, AMD.