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20.1.4 vulkan crash, "now playing" nothing, ReLive memory leak.

Reports on reddit point to MASSIVE ReLive Memory Leak.

Vulkan CRASHES when using dxvk or reshade, possibly crashes under normal modes too.

Dx9 performance is garbage, dxvk gives you extra 40+ FPS in Dx9 games, but vulkan crashes.

I copied 20.1.3 vulkan dll into game folder, dxvk works, but loads slower.

20.1.4 may possibly fix constant black screens on Vega 56. Haven't tried 20.1.3, but earlier versions were broken for sure.

20.1.4 has "now playing" / "current session" bug, still thinks game is running after exit. This may be related to ReLive memory leak, as ReLive could be infinitely recording nothing.

Haven't tested ReLive in borderless window, but it hasn't worked for previous 20 drivers, probably still broken.

ProTip to raytracing fans, there now is a reshade PTGI shader out there. Don't count on AMD ever sponsoring PTGI native games until next gen consoles and new hardware, which will deliberately ignore last gen cards that support GI and VRS 1.0.

I may revert to 20.1.3 to see if that driver fixes 20.1.4 bugs, but only if black screen is fixed. 20.1.4 is only useful if 20.1.3 still has black screen issues, although I haven't used 20.1.4 long enough to know if it's fully fixed. All 20 series I've tested have been extremely unstable, broken features, and bug riddled.

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20.1.3 indeed fixes a lot of problems with 20.1.4. Control panel properly detects game is not running. Vulkan no longer crashes normally or under dxvk, but ReShade still crashes. There may be a problem using dxvk and ReShade at the same time, which wouldn't be a necessity if dx9 performed up to par. Vega 56 gets 100 FPS in Dx9 (steam:Depth), while 144 FPS using dxvk. The graphics are also much better, since native Dx9 likes to overly mip-map, lower detail levels, and disable bumpmapping textures in old games like farcry/halo.

None of the 20 series ReLive works dx9 borderless window offline. It doesn't enable no matter what, even with record desktop on. Clicking Instant Replay says "OFF", when it is clearly enabled. Clicking Record Video does nothing. AFAIK, 2020 revamped ReLive specifically for Streaming online, and completely broke offline recording.


Followup: 20.1.3 DOESN'T fully fix the dark screen waking up the PC. (low brightness) It does it LESS, but the bug still exists. I think this is due to the low power state not waking up, and it's not the card's fault, but a bug in the driver. All these bugs that everyone has, seem to be related one way or another directly to AMD being super overzealous with powersaving features. There's like 300 different and redundant powersaving features in the new driver that nobody asked for, and they're all buggy and breaking basic functionality.

I can't even play crash bandicoot in windowed mode, since the driver randomly decides the GPU clocks should stay idle instead of ramping up.

Also, I don't think the GPU is *active* when the dark screen bug happens. You have to actually reset the GPU to get functionality back.

I've also found that the powersaving mode being broken with multimonitor/144hz seems to do with vBlank, and this bug has existed for years.

1: Why has it taken USERS to find out and fix this?

2: Is AMD EVER going to address it? 


I was about to make a thread about Adrenalin 20.1.4 having a serious memory leak in the Radeon Application Process.

I've had to manually end the task a few times., as after about 2-3 hrs (esp. when Gaming) it'll dominate the System Memory (98 - 99% Utilisation).

I'd imagine for those with more "Normal" amounts of System RAM., this could potentially cause major performance issues within a hour... but it's exceptionally rare for me to see more than 11GB (Total) System Usage, but for the Radeon Application Process to be utilising 58 - 60GB; yeah that's a pretty serious Memory Leak going on there.

This wouldn't be so bad, assuming that it was Virtualised Memory; as Windows would simply Reallocate as required., but the bigger issue is this is Reserved / Dedicated Memory., meaning that it then begins to utilise ever increasing CPU Overhead in order to keep Applications with the Memory they require from the very small Shared Memory; which is intended as a "Cache" not regularly utilised.

Again I saw my CPU going from 3 - 8% "Background" to 27 - 35% "Background" Utilisation., which is only a 6 Core / 12 Thread Ryzen; but still, there's no reason that the DRIVERS should be causing such a massive overhead.

Now when this first hit, I was playing a Game (Wolfenstein 2) and just figured the excessive CPU usage was due to something Background Installing. Still., a little earlier I was watching Netflix when it began to stutter Playback (and even reloaded a few times) which is REALLY weird. 

Checked Task Manager to notice the Radeon Application Process just using insane amounts of Memory and CPU... so then decided to check the Administration Performance Logs (thanks Microsoft for making them an itch to access now, really thinking of the consumers)., and was able to see some clear trends in usage. 

Wolfenstein 2, uses a DirectX Version of the ID Tech 6 Engine... so it's likely why these issues only manifested as massive performance drops; as DirectX (and Windows in General) will automatically reallocate Memory and Resources based upon Priority Demand... but for OpenGL and Vulkan, which use Static Resources declared by the Application; I can see this actually leading to those titles crashing with "Out of Memory" or even not even starting believing there isn't enough System Memory.