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20.1.3 Complete Mess

It's yet another Complete Mess guide.


HDMI Scaling locks to 30FPS (I cant see the edges of my display on all resolutions)

Power Efficiency feature missing from the VII and XT range. 


Black screen of death on idle (Powerplay issue)


3D applications utilizing 300mhz core, results in either a crash or stuttering (Phantom Lag)

Core spikes over 2500+mhz in 3D applications. 


Driver GUI crashes out can corrupt the AMD driver installation results in BSOD.


Wattmann is corrupt. Still unstable after all these years.

DPM0 State for the VII is 25mhz which is far too low, results in GUI lag.

Edited Px states take no effect with wattman or Afterburner, its still a P0 lock at 800mhz.


OC settings just seem to reset and deletes all my profiles when I'm online?


Weird IP addresses blocked from the driver? Why is my GPU driver sending inbound/outbound requests?


No games play solid 60FPS because of your stupid downclocking powerplay crap.

FRTC is missing from the GUI panel. This is required for DX applications with no vsync or framecap option.


Also now the engines are crashing out, what the hell have you done?

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Journeyman III

Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

AMD drivers have another problem, I would like to draw attention to it now, the person in this discussion showed the existence of the problem 


Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

Agreed.  The loss of FRTC is pretty glaring, but ultimately secondary to the fact that my Radeon VII system hangs on idle when just the desktop is up.  Previous drivers had issues with Radeon VII overclocking, but now I get system hangs for doing nothing at all.  That was true in the 19.12.2 release, as well as the latest release.

I am back on 19.4.1, which is still perfectly stable for my GPU.


Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

Its a bloody circus, never in all my years seen so many bugs with the driver.

I've told them already, not wasting any money on them, it'll be a full refund with a bricked GPU.

Sick of this company, scam artists when you see through it.

Adept III

Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

adding lazy paste from my reddit rant

-wana bump saturation by 20% in only 1 game profile? NOPE, it bumps for whole desktop

-wana turn down all clock states to 500mhz and power limit -50 in 1 game profile because it has simple 2d graphics? NOPE. if you run afterburner lowered clocks will stick for good for all games until you restart AB

-want record some game? NOPE. relive recordings stutter and stop randomly with corrupted audio

-maybe wana slap perf overlay on your screen instead of afterburner? NOPE. gpu load , vmem usage are broken. gpu load for a year now

-wana use HEVC codec for recording instead of avc for extra quality? NOPE. its grainy and out of focus

-dont forget to turn off hw acceleration in browser and discord, because its faster without it and doesnt crash


Adept II

Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

The strange behavior with clocking the core, does this contain even the lags of some DX9 games? Or is that a seperate issue?

I'm mainly talking about Guild Wars 2, where a RX5700 generates less FPS than a RX480 with identical hardware:

i7 7700K

16GB DDR4-2400

Windows running from a Cruical MX100, games running from a Samsung 970 EVO.

Windows 10 Build 1909 with all updates to this date (2020-01-25, YYYY-MM-DD)

The RX5700 stutters with all 20.x drivers as well as the 19.x drivers. 

The engine is limited by the CPU, but anyways the RX5700 should at last be as fast as the RX480.

An AddOn called 912pxy, a DX9 to DX12 wrapper, regularily crashes the whole driver, only hardreset ist an option after that.

So something with DX9 is working realy really wrong with newer Adrenalin 2020 drivers.


Maybe i'm onto something. 

Guild Wars for an example uses a D3D9.dll version from october 2019, Windows 10 has one from january 2020, which is newer, as for the D3D compiler, Guild Wars 2 uses version 43, Windows 10 has a version 47.

So i was wondering just maybe something was changed in Windows 10 too.

I'm trying with this configruration right now:

+ c:\Windows\SysWOW64\D3DCompiler_47.dll

in the game folder.

And i found another one with a differnet size:

c:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\D3Dcompiler_47.dll


I still get lags, but fewer and less long and i get the feeling that the basic FPS got up quite a bit as well as loading times got down.

Adept I

Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

I immediately got a black screen when windows refreshed itself to use the new driver. lol. Who are the moderators of this place? Are they that useless?

Adept III

Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

Smooth sailing on Vega.

Adept II

Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

Getting plenty of errors all round on 2 * RX 480's 

- Mainly can't select crossfire settings for any game, for every game it is now disabled.

- Various games crash, to which  I believe on investigating the problems with each game is this specific driver version.

- I am investigating if my Bios is causing an issue as not updated it in a few years.

Big Boss

Re: 20.1.3 Complete Mess

First off DDU is indicated then try 20.1.3 fresh