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19.Q2 RadeonPro Vega FE - Windows 10 (1903) - 10 bpp pixel precision Not Working


I have VEGA FE driver 19.Q2 installed on windows 10 (1903) & the 10 bpp pixel precision was working properly. The 10 bit view port was not showing any color banding at all on color gradients.

But after installing windows 10 (1903), the 10 bpp pixel precision does not work at all, even though i am using the same driver i used before on previous Windows 10 (1809); where it was working.

I even reinstalled the VEGA FE 19.Q2 RadeonPro driver still no go.


Xeon E5 2690

x9sra-o (Bios rev 3.2)

32Gb ECC ram

GPU - VEGA FE (DisplayPort)

Driver - 19.Q2 RadeonPro

Display - Dell U3014 over DisplayPort

Windows 10 (1903) May 2019 


Can any one please help this is serious?

UPDATE: Had to revert back to Windows 10 (1809) to resolve the issue.

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