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Adept III

19.9.3 A Better Driver Overall . Better Undervolting , Better clockspeeds , Positive So Far

Earlier i could hit a target 1950mhz (Target Clock ) and in game clocks were 1830-1845 with power consumption of 155-165w with 1.075 v .  now with this new one . i can go atleast 2ghz with in game clocks between 1938-1950 Power draw of 165-170w  . Really wow . with 1.075 v .   Guys tryout and post results below

I get better 1% lows .  Game tested Was ATLAS and ARK . worlds 2 most broken games ..

Thank you guys  , keep up the good work .  ill update if i get any bluescreens xD

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Adept I

Did they fix the VSR issue with 5700xt?

Did they also fix the core clock throttling in older games (less demanding scenarios)?

edit: they did the fix the vsr with the 5700xt.

not sure about the core clock yet, but the vsr was more a pressing issue for me.

GPU scaling and hence VSR appears to be partially fixed for me. I still can't turn GPU scaling off, but at least it now scales correctly without changing refresh rates.

Can't confirm the second one because I never had a problem with it.


good question .. however i need someone with a 8700k or an intel cpu to confirm this atleast . i have a 2600k at 4.5ghz which i know is holding back. so in games like cs go  dota 2 . i do see downclocks . but i get over 120fps so i am least bothered . but yes . when too many heroes comeby . i get some severe drops . i know my cpu is weak .anyway .


Stock voltage/frequency curve max values that i had were 2034mhz/1201mv with previous driver versions (was using the card at 2034mhz/1108mv since day one).
With this one it's 1989mhz/1170mv.

Fixed Issues

  • Discord may experience an application hang on Radeon RX 5700 series graphics products when HW acceleration is enabled.

Looks like it hasn't been fixed. The bug wasn't happening any often but it did in couple minutes as soon as i installed the new driver (DDU was used)


Looks like it hasn't been fixed. The bug wasn't happening any often but it did in couple minutes as soon as i installed the new driver (DDU was used)

Can't comment on this directly as I haven't tried Discord with HW acceleration enabled again (kinda fearful lol), but I did turn HW acceleration back on in Firefox and my PC BSOD'd again. Something in these drivers does not like hardware acceleration in any program it seems.


hw acceleration was fixed for me atleast in 19.9.2 . in all cases .  STEAM DISCORD  CHROME . OVERWOLF . 


Discord has never caused BSOD for me, instead it randomly hangs and get's unresponsive so i have to kill the process in task manager and after that radeon settings restarts to default values.
I can't comment on browser hardware acceleration causing BSOD. The issue was mentioned as fixed since 19.9.2 driver but i had BSOD while watching youtube using chrome only once during 2 months (hardware accel. was always enabled in browser). I haven't had any BSOD since 19.9.2 but it doesn't mean anything since these were pretty rare and potentially can happen due to hardware accel issue being unresolved.


Very interesting. I thought for sure it was HW acceleration related, but after updating to 19.9.3 from 19.7.5 I got a BSOD just now while watching a Twitch stream. This is on an absolute fresh Windows 10 install that I did on Saturday. Kind of at a loss right now. Might just have to go back green for the time being and see if future drivers are better for me later down the road.


you will see that it boosts better . i saw the same . my day 1 was 2060 with 1204 mv . now it defaulted to 1168 on 1994 mhz. i tweaked it and found out better clocks stability and boost behaviour .


Using 1989mhz/1070mv. Firestrike extreme graphics score remained the same but it consumes a bit less power. At these settings average frequency is ~25-30mhz higher in heavy games at 1440p but peak frequency is ~45mhz lower which makes sense. I agree - these a little bit less agressive stock values might increase average stability of Navi cards which is positive ofc.