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Journeyman III

19.9.2 Atikmdag.sys bluescreen 5700 xt

It seems 19.9.2 hasnt fixed the issue for everyone.

After upgrading from 19.9.1 i indeed didnt have any BSOD's anymore for more than a day, i did have some slight issues with performance of anything requiring videoplayback. Youtube vids seemed to performe rather bad, and on steam some of the trailers wouldn't even load but just show a black area.

Today, while just having started up my pc and started browsing (imgur), i got my first 19.9.2 BSOD.

I forgot which one exactly. Something with TDR i think.

I also have the strange issue that my wattman is completely blank. Don't know if that is related or not.

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Adept II

I did a clean reset of my PC...and I have NOT effed WITH ANYTHING for 7 days.
I left my Bios on default settings...Ram is still at stock settings

I did NOT install the graphics card driver from AMD ...(Win10 gave me 19.9.1 WITHOUT Radeon Settings/Wattman/Armoury Crate etc etc)

The result, no BSOD's and my games (Prey and Tomb Raider) play on 'high/ultra' at 1440 with no issues.

(Windows still suffers errors in the background but thats just Windows being Windows).
The GPU now idles at 36c (was idling at 50c+) and while gaming (Prey and Tomb Raider) it maxes out at about 65c (was 85c +)
GPU fan idles at 1150rpm and during a game the fan reaches about 2200rpm (was 4200rpm or 100%).

I'm no expert but I think the problem lies in the Radeon software that comes bundled with the driver (Radeon Setting/Wattman/Armoury Crate) because the default driver that Win10 gave me --19.9.1-- has been working smoothly and my games are running smooth as silk.