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Adept I

19.12.2 issues?

So after installing the Radeon 2020 19.12.2 drivers, my PC started freezing as soon as I tried to launch any game, even from the desktop. I tried rolling the drivers back in the device manager and my games would launch, but it caused my GPU to start producing a weird noise that I've never heard before. (almost sounded like a wire barely touching a moving fan - obviously not the case in my PC, I'm not that stupid) 
I had to fully uninstall the drivers and go back in and manually install 19.12.1 to get my games to work, and the noise coming from my GPU completely disappeared. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 

Current Build: 

Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite

Ryzen 2700x OC to 4.5 Ghz 

16g G.Skill Aegis 3000 Mhz 

XFX Raw II 5700 XT

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Adept I

Try this, also check warning in the description.

Community Manager

We are looking in to the issue. In the meantime, please use this temporary workaround. 


I tried this, some games would work, others would cause graphic crashes still. It would lock my PC down so hard that I had to manually restart it. 

I had to uninstall 19.12.2 and reinstall 19.12.1 to get all games working. I'm not planning on replacing 19.12.1 until the drivers for the 2020 software is stable. 


Turning off enhanced sync did not work for. Me.. Also 19.12.3 did not fix the black screen issue.plz fix it sir.I reverted back to 19.12.1 and everything is smooth start black problem both in 19.12.2 and 19.12.3


Can you let me know why Adrenaline 2020 has bricked freesync function of my monitor?  Freesync worked fine until i downloaded and installed Adrenaline 2020.  So, i rolled back the driver, tried multiple 2019 driver even on drivers that worked before, it still says under FreeSync "unsupported".  Why is it, after installing 2020, freesync is now listed as "unsupported" on driver packages that it previously worked on??????? 

Sorry to hijack, but support tickets go unanswered.


No worries man. Just from an IT perspective....did you full uninstall the 19.12.2 drivers and do a fresh clean install of 19.12.1? If not, try full uninstalling all AMD Radeon drivers and doing a fresh install and see if that clears it up. 


Hey, thanks for the reply, and yes, i have done those steps.  Used the cleanup utility and all.  I even went back to 19.9.2...the last driver i was using before i updated to 2020.  FreeSync used to work on that driver...however now, even after running the AMD cleanup utility and doing a fresh install FreeSync still shows as "unsupported.  The monitor is a


It is FreeSync enabled and has always worked right out of the box.  I play with a game overlay that shows FPS and refresh rate, in real time.  I could always SEE freesync in action.....

I would under any other circumstance, blame the monitor.  However, the fact that this all started as soon as i updated to 2020 is too much of a coincidence.  What kills me, is HOW...has the 2020 package now also caused a previously working driver package to ALSO not recognize my monitor as FreeSync capable>?  Even after running the cleanup utility?  Some of it must remain behind, it has left some gunk behind that now affects even a previously working driver.

2020 has been a major nightmare.  It has rendered my new(ish) monitor incapable of doing what i bought it for (partly).  I hope AMD fixes this soon. 


By 'cleanup utility' are you referring to DDU ? Display Driver Uninstaller Download version