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Adept II

19.12.2 Bugs I have found

Hello everyone, here are my specs I am working with.

Intel i7 5820K 3.3Ghz

Windows 10 64bit Home v1909


AMD Radeon R9 Fury X (currently with 19.10.1 WHQL)

I reverted back to the last WHQL driver that worked for me. I loved 19.12.2, but holy cow, I think it needs a bit more testing.

Bugs and specific games

Resident Evil 2 (2019) - Start up screen freezes, you can hear sound and such, but full screen is broken with 19.12.2.

The Division 2 - When you change settings from the 3 presets to custom, they dont save, and its specifically with UPlay games. Steam games seemed ok.

Il2 Battle of Stalingrad - Game will not start with AA setting at "Enhance Game Setting", can only work with "Use In Game Settings".

Tons of Radeon setting freezes. Alt-Tab gets you out, but restarting it doesnt work. You literally have to restart computer.

Lots of start up problems. Would quickly show a window then disappear.

Seems having Enhanced Sync on causes some issues.

When changing Global settings, each of my games settings didnt change to match it. I had to change each game manually. All my games were on "Gamer" settings.

Certain settings changed would revert back to default.

Everything installed great, and start up seemed great. Once I started to test games, is where it having issues. I will wait for a clean up on this. Otherwise, looks like a promising driver.

2 Replies

I have IL-2 BOS Great battles. I haven't been able to get Radean settings to apply override game settings with AMD Anti-aliasing since CCC days.Crimson hasn't been able to override forever. What exactly do you use enhance settings for? Are you sure it's been working before the current 19.12.2 drivers? 

I haven't tried to override IL-2 on 19.12.2 or even play it yet. I was wondering if they fix the issue since they changed the UI with the 2020 driver.

My issue with 2020 driver is overlay won't work in fullscreen when playing PUBG.

I was using the Enhanced Settings to allow Radeon Settings to take the in-game AA settings and make them look a little nicer with very small amount of performance hit. It works perfectly on all my games, new and old. For some reason, back when I updated my Windows version to 1903, it broke IL2. I tried IL2 customer service, trouble tickets, forum after forum, and nothing. So after all that waste of time, I figured it out myself, and turned Enhanced AA off and switched it to Use In Game Settings.

My issue with 19.12.2 was that it broke a lot of my games, just like it did for a lot of people it seems. Forums are filled with people saying this and that game is broken, black screen start up, Windows freezing, etc. So I just reverted back to a safe driver I was good with, and will do so until they "test it" a bit more that what it said.