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Journeyman III

[19.12.2&3] display handshake issue, screen hang issue!!!

With 19.12.3 in a dual monitors setup, the hdmi handshakes between RX570 and AV receiver (TV) are crazy, it can happen continuously more than 10 times in a row, sometimes non-stop which requires hard reset even unplug the hdmi!!

Back down to 19.2.2 WHQL, above issue seems to be fixed. But with my primary display in DVI-D turn off, primary is switched to TV, and there are 60% of times the AMD driver is dead and not restart, so nothing is updated on screen, but other processes are still running. Nothing can be done, except hard reset.

With my other older AMD setup, I never get unnecessary DVI-D handshake. Also I'm used to turn off DVI-D mon while I watch movies on bigger screen. The DVI-D always stay as primary, which is what I prefer.

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