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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

19.11.3 driver software, beeps, game freezes

So I installed the radeon software. I've been lurking various support forums looking for a solid solution, so far turning off chill, anti lag enhanced sync makes the beep go away, now here's the hit or miss with it. 

Despite setting the global presets to standards I still have to individually set the game presets to standard, I have to do this with every game, like why? What is the point? I don't want to get mad but honestly this is so redundant its laughable. Even after setting the preset from gaming to standard, some games I can't alt tab (from fullscreen), as they would freeze, two of these include ac3 and ac brotherhood, black flag was fine. 

Bo3 has the same issue, but setting the preset to standard fixes it. Skyrim has no issue alt tabbing. Now I don't get what this even means? The global settings don't apply to the game installed section on the software, I still have to manually adjust them for every game despite setting the global settings to standard. 

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