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Drivers & Software

Adept III

19.10.1 Freesync + Enhanced Sync Black Screen

Pc specs i7 2600k

Monitor- Acer KG241QP .  144hz Freesync

5700XT reference - Sapphire Make

Win10 Latest 1903 update

Driver used 19.10.1  Fresh DDU

Hey devs . hope you hang by this post . if so thank you .  freesync and enhanced sync is still broken on HDMI . i dont have an dp cable . ill try it soon and update it here .  but yes . HDMI and Free+enhanced sync = Blackscreen on 10 min interval on any game you play 

Games tested . Dota 2 . Destiny 2  . GTA 5 .  Fifa 08 ( lol ) 

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I trust Ryan and Matt here more than that I know they see all posts 


kingfish wrote:

To report issues to AMD: 


Screenshot_10 (2).png

That is an old screenshot, AMD has removed all of that from current drivers such as 19.10.1

my only gripe is that the Radeon settings tool is so small compared to Ryzen Master which is easier to handle on my LG 4K panel

0 Likes's the new one:

still different from the one on my box, 19.10.1 installed with The Ryzen Master installed etc

radeon settings.png