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Adept I

18.3.4 driver broke my 290x planned obsolescence?

Never had a single issue with the card, installed the 18.3.4 driver a last week and all of a sudden when playing bf1 i get an error message, graphics card unavailable and the screen was flicking. I googled the error and someone said it was a driver issues. I uninstalled the new driver and revert back to standard driver and one of the fans on the amd 290x is sounding like it is dying. I cleaned it off any dust and put it back in and it is still sounding like it is dying. Why does this happen all of a sudden like that? In the lead up to this issue, I noticed my fan working overload after the driver update, constantly on, even when I was not using any graphics.

Big fail, you think I am spending £500 for a card that is exactly the same spec I paid £250 for 3 years ago?

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Adept III

Relive is active??


No relive installed.

I uninstalled the drivers and rebooted and reinstalled the new drivers and after a while the fan has gone back to being silent again. Definitely a strange one.


might be the newer drivers on the older cards might pay to wait for the newest whql driver that be due soon & try again. strange behaiviour wattman can trigger fans to boot up to full power to. Do you use DDU might be an idea to do that before installing newer drivers. I have held off on driver updates last 2 months or so till they come right. the 18.3 onwards been really hit or miss. On 18.2.1 with my RX560OC 4G & on a R7360OC 2G atm on 2 diffrent builds they arnt 100% great but more stable than some have been. I know off hand tho wattman has been bugged out throwing the older cards haywire weird behaiviours you not the olny 1 whos had the issue but report it to AMD & hope they fix the bug with next batch of drivers which shudnt be far off.