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Adept I

18.12.2,18.12.3,19.1.1,19.1.2,19.2.1 exclusive fullscreen alt+tab black screen problem(fixed with 19.2.2)

when i install 18.12.2,18.12.3,19.1.1,19.1.2,19.2.1 monitor goes black like 3 seconds when i alt tab to desktop from games. its happening all apps while apps are using exclusive fullscreen mode.

i've tried to disable freesync, does not work.

i've tried to disable enhanced sync, does not work.

i've tried older drivers such as, 18.12.1,18.9.3 and there is no problem on these drivers.

i've tried to disable radeon overlay, does not work.

i've tried to disable upgrade advisor, does not work.

i've tried to enable VSR, does not work.

i've tried to disable GPU Scaling, does not work.

i've tried to change scaling mode and non of them does not work.

i did uninstall all the drivers with DDU in safe mode.


CPU : I5 9600K


OPERATION SYSTEM : Windows 10 Pro Latest


MONITOR : VIEWSONIC XG2530 on DisplayPort @240Hz

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Journeyman III


I have the same problem alt tabbing to Desktop from Company of Heroes 2. I can confirm this is the case with my RX 570 4GB as well as my RX Vega 64. Sometimes the alt tab will work but others the display on my primary cuts out and i have to manually put the primary display's DP into another socket on the GPU and I will get my screen back. Sometimes, both my monitors go black and I can still hear system sounds. This has been happening for the past few driver revisions.

Windows 10 64bit

AMD FX 8300

MSI 990FXA-GD80 V2


Vega 64/RX 570

running drivers 18.12.3


Exactly the same problem (vega 56).
When I turn off FreeSync no problems.

Be sure to report the problem inside the radeon driver under preferences > report problem (or something similar using other language).


Report driver issues to AMD > Online Service Request | AMD

Journeyman III

I had to uninstall and go back to 18.11.2.

Both 18.12.2 and 18.12.3 drivers were causing all 3 off my monitors to tun on and off when opening simple applications like Chrome or task manager.  I tried running Malware bytes, uninstalling audio drivers, resetting router, turning cables around and unplugging just my main MSI MPG27CQ 144mhz monitor.   All to no avail.

Finally, found out both drivers are just severely bugged.  Here's what I am running:

AMD 2700X

Powercolor Red Devil 64 Vega (No OC)

MSI MPG27CQ (main)

Samsung C27F398 (secondaries)

I hope AMD will help and fix this with their next driver update.   



I have same problem with RX Vega 64 Liquid with both Adrenalin 2019 18.12.2 and 18.12.3, frequently accompanied by black screen, audio buzz and PC freeze on Windows 10.


Journeyman III

This problem still exists in version 19.1.1. I use RX580 8G.


yeah still exists in 19.1.1

vega 64 8gb

  • Radeon Settings may sometimes incorrectly display the previously installed Radeon Software version after upgrade.(still says upgrade to 18.12.2)
  • Some Radeon RX Series graphics products may experience system lag when Alt+Tab is used during gameplay.(still monitor goes black when i alt tab to windows desktop from games)

these are seems like fixed but these are not fixed at all.

Journeyman III

 still exists in version 19.1.2

BTW,I found that this problem only occurred in the DP port, HDMI is not a problem.

Adept I

Yesterday I've installed brand new RX 590 into my brother's PC and encountered pretty much the same issue. With 19.1.1. and 19.1.2 drivers, black screen occurs at Windows logon, while alt-tabing from games, using ctrl+alt+del shortcut (even on desktop) and even when UAC is triggered in Windows. Seems like monitor is losing connection with GPU for like a one second and then input is reconnected (because monitor displays DislayPort input notification). However, when freesync is enabled in monitor settings it gets much worse, input does not come back automatically, I need to manually select it in OSD or turn monitor on and off. this renders freesync basically useless and that is the main feature that made my brother buy AMD card in the first place, even though Nvidia gpus supposedly support it now too - we expected better support with Radeon. That said driver works flawlessly.

Here are his specs:

AMD Ryzen 1400 @3.8 GHz

8GB DDR4 @3133 MHz

MSI B350 Tomahawk

BeQuiet Pure Power 11 CM 600W

Windows 7 SP1 + all updates

Samsung c24fg70 144Hz connected via DisplayPort

I'd really like AMD to at least acknowledge the problem and fix it in the near future :/ 


I just wonder how/where you got drivers for Ryzen and Windows 7?

AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400 Drivers & Support | AMD 


That's a surprise, I didn't even know that AMD offers some kind of CPU drivers  That said I just downloaded chipset drivers from here and manually injected USB3 driver into my Windows 7 iso - only reason it can't be installed on Ryzen and newer Intel series is because it lacks these drivers.

Well, using a unsupported OS could lead to issues. I don't think AMD can be of any help...

AMD confirms there will be no Ryzen drivers for Windows 7 | PC Gamer 


Alright but I'm not complaining about this cpu performance, it actually performs really good. I'm complaining about RX 590 issue, and this GPU is officially supported on Windows 7. Also OP is running Windows 10 and experiences the same problem. My brother was running GTX 1050 in this setup for over half a year and it just worked, older AMD driver works well too. This is clearly an issue with newer GPU drivers and this is not a first time AMD breaks something such trivial.



I think the only way you can report this problem and get any support from AMD to fix it is to get a new hard drive and do a quick installation of Windows 10 64bit and then see if you can repeat your problem with the RX590 and your Ryzen processor.

Then if you still see the problem, report it here, submit an AMD Reporting form and then open an email support case with AMD.

I saw the following article some time ago about running Ryzen with Windows 7: How To Get Ryzen Working on Windows 7 x64 

Not much time left for Windows 7 Users now:

End of extended support = January 14 2020.

So you will be on Windows 10 soon enough, unless you decide to try for freedom and move to running: Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu 



Surely I'll switch to something more modern in the near future, however the issue just got fixed with 19.2.2 driver so everything is fine right now.

Adept I

still exists in 19.2.1

Adept III

Now this is interesting; I have noticed this happen intermittently but didn't think anything of it at the time. Additionally, I have found that in driver versions 18.12.2 through 19.2.1 that enabling Freesync causes screen tearing and motion judder in video playback. Does this happen with you also? Freesync works fine in games, it only manifests in video playback through something like MPC-BE, MPC-HC or the built-in player on Windows 10.

The last driver to not have these problems is, just before the new Relive features rolled out.

Adept I

fixed with 19.2.2

Indeed, the issue is gone now.

Adept I

Issue still exists.  Alt tabbing in and out of games takes 12 plus tries. Most of the time the screen goes black flickers for a second then goes back to the way it was. Sometimes it will shift a full screen game to another monitor squishing it into one of my two portrait monitors. Fixing that takes several more alt-tabs to get it to refocus the game on the center screen. I completely removed my drivers before upgrading to 19.2.2. I'm now running the most current driver still with the same issue.