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Adept I

18.11.1 for Vega FE

Hi there,

18.11.1 is out for almost a week now but wheres the version for Vega FE?

Me and all the other Vega FE users spent quite some money on this sweet card and now were getting left behind.

In my opinion we should be the first to get the new drivers.


2 Replies

According to AMD Download page, the AMD VEGA FE is a professional GPU Card and uses a different driver than the RX Vegas (Adrenalin)

The latest AMD VEGA FE Driver can be downloaded from here: Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition (Air-cooled) Drivers & Support | AMD  and for liquid cooled from here : Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition (Liquid-cooled) Drivers & Support | AMD  which seems to be the same driver.

The Release notes doesn't mention what version of Gaming Driver this latest 18.Q.4 will install.


Your right, theres a (new) pro driver for the Vega FE wich for some reason didnt show up in the updates list.

Still after updating the pro driver manualy to 18Q4 theres nothing newer than 18.9.3 on the gaming side.

My guess is that "Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition for Radeon Pro" is based on the Standard Adrenalin Drivers.

This and also the fact that the Vega cards have almost the same design i see no reason why it takes so long to launch the 18.11.1 equivalent.

There may be only a few customers with Vega FE´s and other Pro cards that insist on the latest gaming improvements but i do.