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Adept I

18.10.1 upgrade crash

My specs: win 10 64bits, HP Pavilion, AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6, external R7 M360. AMD Software version 18.5.1

My system fails, crashes, BSOD, freeze, errors, after trying to upgrade drivers to 18.10.1. The installation fails, doesnt even complete.

Worst thing is, now i know the problem and i dont want to upgrade but my windows update makes witchcrafts and against my will it installs the new trash version! x_x! (although win update have been deactivated, they are reactivated by themselves after 2 o 3 days). If this happends, i have to uninstall the new version and reinstall 18.5.1 again...

I want to have my system updated, but i cant with this driver problem. I have problems with 18.8.2 and 18.10.1 driver versions (with everything after 18.5.1 actually...).

I want to know if this is an AMD problem, or if my computer doesnt accept video drivers updates anymore...

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